Internal Report System 🔨

Available only to players with at least one level 30 profile, Vesteria should have an internal player report system. This should mostly be used for people autoclicking but the team could add the option to select a category, exploiting, autoclicking, bug abuse, etc. The report would include a simple description of how they are breaking a rule, category of rule broken, and player name. This would be really good for making the community feel like we are actually getting a fair advantage and that we can do something that the devs will actually hear when someone is playing unfairly.

The level requirement is to stop system clutter, abuse of the system should result in punishment.

we already have reports from roblox

You can already report people using the Roblox Reporting and on the forum. There’s no reason for the devs to spend time on this and not more useful and needed ideas. Also, what would be the point of making people need a level 30 character? What happens if a new player comes across something?

Roblox reporting only covers exploiting and bad language, autoclicking and bug abuse are rules covered by independent developers and don’t break real Roblox rules. Reporting players on the Vesteria forums is a clunky way to do it, unless a section is opened purely for player reporting (which I wouldn’t be opposed to) and they made somebody a mod to filter through the reports. The level requirement is to stop the flooding of the system, as I said. Not many people cheat in Vesteria, but it happens. So if you’re a level 30 you are more likely to be a legit player who wont falsely report, wasting time from the devs. And if you are you will be punished for it, but most level 30s wont do that. I’d rather the devs be working on updates then trying to filter through player reports for hours. Of course they could make some players ‘player moderators’ or something and that would make this system a whole lot smoother all around but I don’t see them going through with that.

They have already added a basic anti-cheat system that they plan to update to combat autoclicking and other exploits.

Yes I am aware of their anticheat but a player submission script is pretty easy to make and I expect it to be a while before they make a good anti-macro system. Making a system that detects patterns in your clicks isn’t easy. Also, they can’t auto-detect bug abuse. It has it’s place, and even if it’s not the most useful thing that’s why only max players should be able to use it.