Integrate image gallery support

Discourse isn’t very friendly with image gallery’s and will just stack them on top of each other, this can be worked around by sizing images to make them line up horizontally but this is unique to your monitors aspect ratio and may appear different on someone else’s screen especially for mobile users. This can be easily solved by integrating themes into Discourse which isn’t complicated for a competent person and will make it easy for users to make image galleries in posts and topics instead of just having a vertical stack of differently shaped images.

Here is the GitHub link and a example:

@berezaa This doesn’t take much effort and will improve the quality of the forums, there are lots of other useful components that can be added to Discourse, investing some time to improving the forums would not go amiss.

Just live with it.

Or it can be improved. Its a suggestion the #site-feedback category exists for a reason.

The still haven’t added the shrug reaction so there isn’t any more hope for this category.

doesn’t mean I cant bother berezaa about it.

yes please