Infinite Stamina

So, in the Vesteria Limited Public Testing Place, I was hopping off mushrooms then I flew out the map. It took a couple moments to respawn, but when I started running, the stamina bar wasn’t there and I was unable to be exhausted. So basically, it renders DEX useless until you respawn I believe. If you die in means other than resetting or dying from a monster or die in any means which you don’t lose any HP, you gain the ability to ignore stamina and run forever using Shift.

Edit: Here’s a gif after falling off the map of me running without a stamina bar.

Also I’m pretty sure I got this bug before on the actual game because I was able to run infinitely.

This bug still exists, and being tested now proves so.

I did not test it but there is a player who did it

yes there is and this has already been reported. make sure to check Similar Topics before posting.

if you somehow fall out of the map then yes, you can acquire infinite stamina

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Duplicate of: Infinite sprint on starting world

Please check to make sure what your reporting was not already reported. Also please check to see if the glitches work before reporting them

I’m pretty sure I was first to report, wayyy before PA released.

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Pretty Sure Demise’s Roblox Account Is Formless_Fear

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so uh i’ve been playing for not that long now and i actually found an infinite stamina bug

let’s just say i was trying something and i flew out of the map using the mushrooms

when i respawned i i noticed my stamina bar not going down as i was running

now i have infinite stamina and i can’t post in bug reports so you know here you go

just wanted to tell ya guys

Yes the devs are aware of this and it’s what the post above is about but thanks any way.

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Hello, I’m sorry to disturb you on an old post along with publicly reporting an exploit, but I’m new to the forum so I have limited ability. Firstly, I’ve seen a few people mention this before but I’d like to bring it up again, if you die by falling out of the map, you will re-spawn with infinite stamina. I imagine the problem rests somewhere in the code for when you die, and as falling out of the map is an unusual death, you don’t re-spawn properly. Another one, which isn’t as big a problem, is that you can beat up the scarecrows through the fence. It takes a while if you’re a weaker player, but you can avoid the scarecrows hitting you and still be able to hit them. Thank you for your time. I’ve been enjoying playing Vesteria Alpha and I can’t wait for more content! It’s already amazing, the worlds, the models, and the concept are all so good. However, I must say the animations might be what impresses me the most. They’re smooth, realistic and the models don’t have the same “blocky-ness” as you often see in other games. Good job Developers! Please keep up the good work! :smile:

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If you go out of the town and towards the right, you can walk off of the map. On respawn, you can sprint for ever.

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You can do this anywhere in the game. By falling/jumping off the map, the stamina bar disappears.

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