Infinite potion buffs exploit (May be a vitality perk?)

I couldn’t find anything in F9 logs, but this seems pretty weird.
I have 70 vitality, 35 dexterity, 40 strength, and 35 intelligence in this clip.

I was wondering why my potions hadn’t expired after 30 minutes, only to realize that whenever I activated a skill, they were all refreshed back to their 10 minute cooldowns. Probably tied to the 70 vitality perk (The one that causes the rock throw icon to appear alongside a small defense buff for 5 seconds)

I couldn’t find this on the forums, so I’d presume this has not been reported yet.

I’ve had this happen to me in the testing realm a couple of times.

I think it occurs when you have too many buffs at the same time.

I’ve had this happened to me in forsaken isle today it’s pretty weird