Increased Inventory Space

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m finding myself running out of inventory space way too often. I’ve been forced to sell scrolls and other items that I would have liked to keep. Is there anyway more Inventory slots could be added? Like maybe being able to buy another row of Inventory slots for a certain amount of Silver? Maybe backpacks or pouches that could be bought and equipped that increase Inventory slots? The more content that is added, the more space that is taken up by items in my Inventory. (Example: The new VIT, STR, DEX, and INT Potions) I’ve also seen the topic about adding a Bank/Storage system where players can store Items in their own personal storage for safekeeping in between adventures and that sounds like a good idea also.

General Storage/Bank topic:

question, why do you need 3 stacks of HP potions and 3 stacks of small blue potions?
I think you just need to sell some more junk, mate.
something like a bank where we can store our junk would be appreciated but the inventory size is fine as it is, you just have to sell some of your junk

I’m hoarding potions as there will be a Raid/Dungeon type area in the future for Levels 20+, and I’m guessing it will be challenging. Also with those mana potions, I can literally spam lunge uppercuts all day while farming. It may seem like junk to your eyes, but to me, they are worth keeping.

but like, 1 stack of potions is enough EVEN for a RAID for gods sake
and you should try using fish, they restore 4x more mana (if you need mana potions that desperately)

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Most people will probably run the raids multiple times and since it’s not out yet, I dont know how many potions I’ll end up needing in the future. Fish is good but Mana potions are a lot easier to hoard.


then don’t complain about how you have too little inventory space if you want to hoard everything.
that is what happens when you start hoarding things, you run out of space (i know this better than anybody since in video games I am a top-tier hoarder)

Lol Bad People Problems!
I Sell Every Potion!
I Use My SKILL To Kill!

Literally I Don’t Use Potions, I Just Use The Regeneration Skill And My Own WARRIOR Regeneration.

I just face tank everything and its usually 2 enemies at a time. It’s a lot faster grinding that way. The game gives you potions basically for free. Why not use em lol

Do You Seriously Not Even Use Regeneration?

the regen only gives you 70 hp so it isn’t even worth it but I agree
3 stacks of potions like man, what the H E C C

What Else Will You Use MP On? Since IMO Ground Pound And Uppercut Lunge (Totally Didn’t Forget The Name) Aren’t That Good. Though I’ll Say That The Latter Is Much Better, I’m Referring To The “Uppercut Lunge” For People Who Don’t Understand.

Yeah I use Regen, who doesn’t? Also, Lunge Uppercut is pretty good imo. I use it and then auto attack once and the spider is instantly dead. With Mana potions I can pretty much do it endlessly if I wanted.

Eww You Noob. You Use Potions. I Don’t Use Potions As I’m Pro!

If I can use something to get levels quicker, I’ll use them regardless of what people think lol

I really hope they add the storage/bank soon cause I dont feel like selling/using these scrolls atm.

No clue what you wrote above but If its about the scrolls, I used to have 2 other rows but had to use them all since I had no space. I did get something good from using them though.

3 ancient scrolls lul

Nice, so you failed 3?

I think inventory is in a good place but a storage system is definitely a must.

Em ive already made a thread about the issue and i got a response from poly.