Increase Stamina / Add new ways to get more stamina

I think stamina is a very good idea and I do like how they added it into the game. There is one problem though. You can only run for like 8 feet before getting out of breath. Like, do our characters have severe asthma or something? I just think we should have like 1.5x or even 2x the stamina we currently have and that stamina bonus from aviator cap should be increased by 1 stamina.
They could make walking slightly faster, as suggested by a-ah.
They could increase the stamina bonus from the already in-game gear such as yeti boots, ravager boots, etc.
They could add ancients for armor that could give random bonuses, one of which being a +1 stamina perk. (Might make a seperate suggestion based on this idea, but not focused on stamina)

I know this is gonna sound a bit big brain, but what if the devs just made walking faster.


The stamina max is low at first but you can easily get it higher
hunters have the dex perk and ravager boots
mages have yeti
and same with warrior
5 is around average stamina which is I think ok
I just want the regen rate to be fast
It takes 5 seconds to fully recharge your stamina at every level
maybe reduce it to 3 seconds?

But the grace is that it doesn’t have to be necessary to put on running accessories as it really should be from the beginning. Not all the time we are going to be with those items on and much less in a fight against the boss that an increase in stats will be necessary

don’t worry they can easily increase stamina or they will just get rid of it again like last time

I would like to say Stamina should be increased but if it is then what point is there in providing stamina enhancing gear? I’m sure one of the many benefits berezaa had considered when re-implementing stamina is that it would give purpose to pants giving stats, as he wasn’t certain on what should happen with them.


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I mean, the starting stamina you get is a dog’s breakfast, so a slight increase is needed.

Every single hunter boots: exists

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maybe instead of just increasing stamina he could increase the stamina bonus from gear like yeti boots and ravager boots, or make ancients give random perks where one could be a stamina bonus.

Fun fact: I actually based the starting Stamina based on how long I could run IRL. I’ll be working out a lot more now that my twisted ankle has mostly healed so maybe we’ll be able to get that up.


lmao i cant even run as long as the current starting stamina without having a panic attack.

I mean, it’s pretty impressive that you can triple your run time by wearing heavy steel boots, a mid-20th century cap, and being a particularly dextrous person.

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this is my entire view on stamina

somehow I read this
yes yes

bruh lol yeah

runs for 3 seconds at max power and gets tired

alright that’s stamina
jumps up and dies

alright lets make it r e a l i s t i c

I think the general concept of stamina was a good idea, just to stop abusing subclasses and classes like hunters from constantly double jumping and make tanky classes such as knights or warriors more viable for the current super heavy mage and ranged meta, with moves such as icecall / thundercall or webbed staffs / arrow rain a huge amount of exp farm.

Now that other classes have some use, new people obviously get such a little amount of stamina, and I agree that maybe the general beginning threshold should be more than what it is now, but overall, I think stamina for higher level players and classes is fine where it is at.

Although, as a Knight, I wish I didn’t have to get Yeti boots or steel boots without any other option.

Hunters get super lots of Stamina b/c Dex is prime requisite.

this would make the double jump change useless

Just thought this up: actually a viable way to “nerf” Rangers would be to make the 50 or 70 DEX bonus something like “Jumping/Double Jump takes no stamina.” This would draw stats away from STR and damage overall so Rangers are able to have the mobility they please.

So if you break both of your legs can we get an ingame wheelchair?

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video by @Pouya1388, explains why stamina had to be re-added pretty well

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