In The Open Fields!?!

This is the map type I am suggesting. This is just a very very open map, with lots of caves, secrets, and of course, mobs.
The landscape will be filled with hills, mountains, and plains. There could also be animals to kill for us to use at camp.
I think this would really expand the diversity in Vesteria, and stop people from being cramped in one area.


New world type map

Personally I’d like to just see an entire underground map with crystal lakes, darkness, traps that spawn like rolling boulders… It’d seem interesting to what happens when your environment is heavily limited to a few paths rather then being able to go everywhere like in your idea.

Since my topic isn’t focused on an underground system, I’d think it’d be a good idea for you to create a topic about it.

I’ll do that but it was just meant as an opinion of what i thought would be a nice idea.

By all means, I like your response, It’s just that, if someone were to reply to your idea, I wouldn’t want to be the one to take credit for it.

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This sounds very diverse, a reason the map is so split up is to reduce lag. Having such a big area doesn’t just mean more terrain and models to load in but more enemy AIs and players will be in the area. It sounds like an awesome idea if they can pull it off but I think they would probably just split this up. Plus, it would take a massive amount of time if it was really that big and the team is worrying about other stuff currently. I would like to see this appear at some point though but we have all the time in the world to get to stuff like this. No rush, devs.

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Seems kinda cool to have an overworld type map, but i’d have to agree that it may be laggy forcing it to be split up and that it’d likely take a long time for devs to make it. Although, many of the maps are quite big, so if this map would be even bigger then yes, it would take a massive amount of time.

You can still abuse the camera to see throw the ground. Maybe they need to fix that first before implementing huge areas with many Treasures.

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If your camera is right a the terrain on the bottom, you can see a little bit of the underground.