In response to all the 'Vesteria simulator' complaints

A few months ago, the playerbase heavily complained that Vesteria was way too grindy and simulator-ish. In this post, I will go over what the Vesteria Team has done in response and more changes that could help with this issue.

Fixes and changes

After the release of subclasses and Forsaken Isle, players were having a hard time levelling up at Forsaken Isle, including me, who was stuck at level 33 about 3 or 4 days. Many players thought that the game was becoming too grindy and on 27th November, 2019 and 18th December, 2019, berezaa released 2 new exp curves which made high level players level up easier.



Othermore, the death penalty was introduced on 5th December, 2019, mobs had more attack and HP during night time, and rare weapons had more attack, which kind of helped with the whole ‘level scaling too hard’ issue.

The controversial removal of hold to attack and re-addition of stamina had helped with the issue, as much as some people hate to admit it.

Lastly, the upcoming orb update, equipment variants, and skill modifications (pure, multi, and sonic mage bomb) was also great responses.

Throught these changes, I believe most of us can agree that Vesteria has undergone some massive changes and the game as in-fact became less grindy.

More changes and possible mechanics

I believe that ‘parrying’ could be a great rework compared to the current DEX scaled block rate, where you could press U (or the key you set it to) to block hits, where hunters can block 20% of the damage, mages could block 30% of the damage, and warriors could block 40% of the damage.

However, with parrying implemented, your item used to parry would lose 0.1% of its ‘life’ everytime it parries a hit, and blacksmiths would be set up in all towns (Mushtown, Nilgarf, Port Fidellio, Warrior Stronghold, Tree of LIfe) and guild halls that are T4 and above. You could choose how many % of the ‘item life’ you would want to repair and prices would scale off that too. The higher level requirement of the item, the more expensive too. This would not only give people more of an incentive to join guilds, and give Vesteria a more ‘MMORPG game feel’.

I do know that the professions systems are coming out in the future cough give us real basket weaving cough, such as woodcutting, mining, and such.

Also, monthly deals would be available at blacksmith shops, where there would a special kind of currency would be gained from doing profession quests from the blacksmith owner’s assistant. Those items would most likely be level 45 as berezaa stated that he wanted the level cap to be level 50. Each ‘easy’ quest would give you around 10 tokens, ‘medium’ quests would give 20, and ‘hard quests’ would give 30. The quests would refresh every 24 hours and each monthly deal would cost about 200 tokens.

Secondly, player-run shops. If cooking is ever to be implemented (which would need a lot more drops for it to be a good feature), you would unlock recipes every time your cooking skill levels up and as Berezaa stated, “I don’t want professions to have a level cap.” but the last recipe you could get would be at level 50. Rare food could give great buffs/perks. Other than cooking, player-crafted gear could be implemented. Levelling up your crafting skill would take a very very long time and only the most dedicated players would be able to craft rare items and the items needed for it would be very rare too, either from 0.0001% boss drops or hard quests. So how player-run shops would work is that there would be 10 player shop slots in each safe zone, and players could ‘claim’ them for 5s per minute, and put up items for sale there and list prices, similar to how shops work. The player would lose the shop slot upon leaving the server or ‘closing’ the shop. This is different to trading as you can only put food and player-crafted gear there, and people cannot bargain.

Last of all, storymen could be put in safe-zones, where they would give out random lore about Vesteria, and their dialogue would change every 3 days. Walking friendly npcs could also roam around safe zones, similar to npcs in Fantastic Frontier, giving the cities a more lively feel.

That’s all for this topic and please, any criticism, ideas, or comments would be greatly appreciated.

@Davidii I hope you read this c:

Edit 1: fixed typos and grammatical mistakes.

Edit 2: fixed more typos and tweaked some ideas


This is really well thought out, and I agree with you; some of the ideas you had would really improve the game. In my opinion, I like the repair and shops ones the most.

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So in other words you want to make Vesteria into Runescape.

I do like the idea of parrying, tbh the Warrior Skill Parry is useless and just a waste of points b/c either it’s hard to get it to work or there are just better moves available.

Level cap of 50 would be nice, or maybe make a Cleric’s Resurrect ability upgradeable (higher level fr lower CD) because otherwise it just makes the skill book look weird. 10/10 in one ability, 1/1 in another, and 9/10 in the last. I know several Cleric friends of mine (none a Cleric main but they’re bored with nothing better to do) who would gladly put more points into Resurrect if they could.

Also, a drop rate of 0.001% is actually kinda high for a Ranger, also for Assassins and Berserkers, because for those classes it’s almost too easy to get drop chance checked several million times (On my main slot, a Ranger, I spent like 30 mins farming in the Wurm Pit and walked away with an inventory full of cudgels and longbows nk)

Is it confirmed that the Orb is coming back? I don’t remember seeing a dev post about that anywhere. Please post a link to the post.

I don’t like the “shop slots” concept, but I do support the addition of an “Auction House”, similar to that found on many Minecraft “Prison” servers. I will make a separate post about that, will link once it’s done. LINK: Auction House Concept V2

The orb is already back in free to play, you can go see yourself. Maybe the drop chance can be lowered, and no, I haven’t even heard of Runescape, so I really don’t know how it works and I wasn’t copying it.

Runescape has this profession system like you were describing.
Also, why the heck would go to F2P when I have Beta Access? Also also, why the hell are they adding it back to F2P first? I hated Chad being added to F2P first. Honestly, that’s pretty much asking people to NOT get Beta Access and play F2P instead.
EDIT: I never played Runescape either, but my dad used to play it (until we had to get a new WiFi system that won’t handle it without modification) and I have seen a couple of “highly accurate” Minecraft mods for it, according to the reviews on Curse.

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Oh actually, I got the professions system from some of Berezaa’s quotes in #mushtown and added a bit of my own twist.

Oh, okay.

(These are a font called “Wingdings”. Please do not post the translated message, I’ll do a big reveal in a couple weeks).

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Oh and, the orb in f2p is currently unfinished.

You would go to free to play, the noncommittal, largely public, experimental game, to test orb features and other things. People complain about x update breaking the game, so they put it in F2P, where nothing really matters, to test first. If you want the full game experience (content above sewers, party quests, subclasses, no micro transactions) buy the full game. It’s like a free weekend. The fastest way to test something (and satiate the impatient) is to give it to the masses.

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How would you find out what this is, is there like a key to it?
9 more eggs left in egg hunt

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Can this post get more comments… Please?

I really wanna know your view…

The Roblox egg hunt this year is trash.


Think of F2P as a public testing realm for Vesteria

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That, I can agree

Look below the post, the font name is there. I would’ve just pasted, not bothered with screenshot, but forums has different names for some of the symbols.

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First off, I’m not understanding why you’re saying death and stamina made it easier/better for grinding, if anything it makes it harder. When you die you lose exp, and you probably died cause you couldn’t run away from your enemy. Also weapon variants made grinding so much difficult, not only do you have to hope that you get a weapon drop, you also have to hope that you receive a good variant with it.

Second, have you not seen the trading market? Everything is really high in price, and if you want to get anywhere you have to pay for spidering pet lol gg ez, just kidding. You have to grind over and over and over until you reach that number for that item.

And just because proffesions are in the future, doesn’t mean it fixes the problem now. Sure it’ll get “better” later on but people are complaining now.

Third and last, the parrying idea. Just no, the colosseum is already full of people who just run forever, if you give them a chance to deflect even more health then you’ll never be able to kill someone.

Vesteria rn = Kill Aukufiti, repeat

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what staff is davidii using in the vid?

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lol can you fix this?

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Why farm Auktufiti for money? Stingtails are my prefered money grind (the Stingtail Pit with a path leading to the Sun Tablet cave is my personal favorite) because a stack of stingtail claws sells for like 16s (more than a stack of mogomelons!) and stingers arent half-bad either, plus the staff is fairly common (I got a Keen Stingtail Staff and sold it for 500s lol, it’s not worth using, I’m just gonna get sun-scorched anyway for blink range).

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How do you not know? Ah, nevermind. It’s a barbarian staff.

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