In case you were wondering what those new potions were... ;)

Here’s a preview of one of the four new potions. They will be very rare drops from certain mobs:


This part of an overhaul to status effects, which now appear on the top-right of your screen along with a duration indicator. You’ll now be able to see the duration of the regeneration ability (which is shorter than the cooldown!) as well as the duration of these new potions.

Enjoy! <3


Will there be a setting that we can use that automatically reuses the potion after the time limit is up?

Thank you for telling me what they were.
Red: Vitality
Blue: Intel
Orange: Strength
Pink: Dexterity



Lord Berezaa saw my post and he has blessed us with more information!

btw berezaa, if you or the other devs are reading this know that I appreciate you looking through my long posts and giving the community information that we are missing
(but mostly thanks for noticing me, it means the world to me)

Seems nice. I’m getting more and more hyped for full release. VeSTerIa COmE OuT!1!!1!111!

there is no red, the red is pink and the pink is purple

wrong. It is light red and pink, just like the stat colors.


light red IS pink!

Yup, light red is definitely pink. That’s exactly why the term “light red” exists, as it is not its own color. (Sarcasm)

Thanks to you I just discovered this fact- thanks!

Pink isn’t out there. True , no single wavelength of light appears pink . Pink requires a mixture of red and purple light— colors from opposite ends of the visible spectrum.

I dunno if u meant for this or not but we cant post in the lounge category…


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