Improvements to the mobile Vesteria experience

Alright, whoever is lazy just read tl;dr at the bottom.

This topic is mainly focused on playing Vesteria on mobile platforms, not PC.

As we all know to play Vesteria properly and to experience everything you will need a PC to play, or you wll face multiple bug such as:

  • Not being able to use bow, swim, use projectile skills (zap, barrage, dagger throw)
  • Broken barber

Therefore, these are a few QoL changes that can help mobile players enjoy the full game instead of being at a disadvantage.

1. Any bug that involves proper projectile use.

This is a frustrating bug for all those rangers out there, as well as mages who cant use a single skill properly. Skills like barrage and zap still work, but since they shoot towards where your cursor (finger) is pressed, they shoot towards the right where your finger presses the skill in your hotbar, rendering it pretty much useless unless you are killing the whale.


Instead of shooting towards your finger press, implement a separate aiming system where you are prompted to turn on camera lock. When you turn this on, a small dot will appear in the middle. This will be your crosshair. Subsequently, any skill cast or arrow shot will be aimed at this point.

You might ask, what about aiming mechanics, up to this point, there is no way to aim a skill like magic bomb since it casts as soon as you press the skill. This happens to all functions on mobile involving a press and hold input, which will be discussed below.

2. The "press and hold" bug

I am still unsure if roblox supports press and hold, but this is clearly an issue. Actions like swimming, aiming skills and shooting arrows require holding a key on PC. Similarly, the mobile UI is supposed to accept:

  • Holding the jump button to swim
  • Pressing and holding the skill button/middle of the screen to shoot skills/arrows

But it does not work. Again, not sure if this is a bug with roblox, someone more educated than me pls answer.


Make press and hold work! Seems trivial, but some tweaks may be made to improve holding and aiming. When you hold down on the screen, you can use that finger or another finger to rotate the camera (while holding down, move your finger). For skills, a DPad looking thing can popup at the point where you held down, then you can move it around to aim your skill.

Note: Barrage is an exception since aiming is disabled on PC as well.

3. UI issues

As of beta 1.4, the ui has changed, so I will be referring to that version. With the redesign of the general ui, the previously unobtrusive menu buttons were moved to the side in a vertical arrangement. Since vesteria is played in landscape orientation on mobile, there is not enough space on the right edge of the screen.

Right now, the settings button is covering the jump and pick up buttons due to crowded ui. Another issue which has existed since parties is that the party list of names and hp will cover up the hotbar. However, the new ui shifted the hotbar down, but nevertheless still very crowded.


Its really simple. Rearrange the buttons. Even though traditional layouts of games usually involve movement for left hand controls and everything else for right hand controls, vesteria does not necessarily have to follow that layout. Some buttons can be moved to the right, like parties (as long as they are not in the way) and the menu.


Basically add a crosshair to fix misaimed spells, and enable press and hold functions for actions like swimming and charging arrows. Rearrange ui so that game is playable.

With the most recent update beta 1.4, mobile is virtually unplayable due to no jumping and picking up.

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Yeah and parties also block your abilities on screen which is very annoying when my friends need help leveling up :pensive:

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Im so glad this topic is finally posted! Other bugs include: mages on moble have trouble aiming attack, it sometimes goes sideways
when on mobile and playing spider queen raid, your party group will block your tools. And if you decide to leave the party you can no longer teleport throughout the map
As well as that things are dark and very hard to see on mobile

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Yes, the mage skills issue is addressed in point 1. As for the second point, I also had one time where a party member was on mobile and he had to leave and rejoin the party every room to use skills. Somewhere along the way we accidentally teleported before he rejoined. :confused:

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That’s happend to me before you cant press the skills the party names take up the skill button

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Well if you’re on a mage slot you won’t need to worry bou that, because you can’t use them properly anyway :wink:

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You can’t even use your controls after this new update. The gui overplays the old one making it impossible to jump and to pick up items. I think this is the most important thing to focus on right now because it prevents mobile users from actually playing the game.

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Edited to include beta 1.4 issues.

This is literally relatable, this should have more attention. It’s literally December and some of these issues haven’t been resolved yet!