Improved and more fun PVP content

As of right now pvp is not really a thing,and more of a side thing People die way to fast in pvp and even if you are in colosseum and can some how find a player there you will still likely die in 2 or 3 hits.

I can see the pvp system is vesteria really have a shoot in becoming one of the best pvp mmorpg out there in roblox if its just improved and tweaked certain ways.

Pvp damage reduction set to 80%

Reason for this is obvious, to make the pvp feel a lot more skillful and impactful, right now its who ever can spam the 1 shoot move to win fiasco. Which just makes the pvp dull and kind of boring and silly. With this people would try to figure out better combo, what combos to use on certain classes and so on.

  • Potion interruptions:
    With this new system you will be able to to cancel peoples drinking or eating animation by damaging them, making it so they are unable to heal or gain any mana. Reasoning for this is to make it so the fights don’t take to long, to the point who ever that has to most powerful healing items wins. this way people would need to make extra careful and that there clear before they get to drink another potions, this applies to mana pots so use your mana responsibly

Colosseum changes:

  • Player requirement to start to earn valor is now set to 0 players, while for valor coins to start to spawn around the map is now set around 5 players.
    Reasoning to this is because this game is no where popular enough to restrict this not to mention there will be 0 point to this because grinding top tier Colosseum coins will be a lot more harder now.

  • top tier colosseum end gear:
    Will start costing from 1500 valor to even 10 000 valor, This will basically give you one of the best gear in the game, They will really have some unique and powerful perk in them and there will be different type of tiers you will get, which will be tier: 1 which will cost around 1000 to 1500 valor.
    Tier 2: Which will cost around 3000 to 5000 valor, and then tier 3. which will cost around 5000 to
    10 000 valor coins.

but wait there is more, some of them even has a chance to give you different type of effects such as fierce,swift.legendary, etc…

  • Valor coin drop system changes: instead of having to run back to the base to collect your valor you will know automatically store it in your inventory and now you will earn more valor’s depending on your killing spree, if you get 3+ kills you will earn 2+ valor, 10 killstreak gets you 3+ valor and 25 killstreak gets you 4+ valor and eventually if your mad and skillful enough to go to 50 killstreak you will start to earn 5 valor’s per kills. to make sure this system wont be abused or cheated on, there will have its old requirement of having 15+ players in the server for you to get the killstreak system.

  • Valor is now a new form of currency. instead of having the old valor being a etc: item that can only stack to 99, it will now turn into a third currency that you get from not only doing colosseum but other things as well. You can now get valor’s from doing: Certain quest, Chests,Boss Drop and even when beating someone in a duel. You can now also spend valor on other areas other than colosseum to where you can buy some unique items with.

This will act similar to how Ethyr works


If Berezaa do decide to add the Badland system, which basically will be a high risk and reward zone with open pvp zone in it. Basically what i’d come to understand is that you will have a secondary inventory there which you will use to farm mobs and such than you’d have to run back and sell the loot in a safe zone town to get ton amount of silver/gold. The thing is that you drop all of the loot if you die, either to a Mob or to a player. Meaning you can still other players loot. There are some few things i need it to have.

  • No Death penalty in that map zone.
    Considering its a risk/ reward zone its already punishing as it is to lose all of your stuff when you get your self killed i’d be even more unfairly punishing if you lose money and Xp dying to a player.

  • Leaving the game or server hopping will reset your loot:
    A pretty obvious reason to have considering there will be players that will try to avoid fights in all time.

  • Longer Stealth cooldown and no speedboost during it:
    Again to make it so people wont cheese trough this and avoid pretty much pvp fights making this content to easy.

Killing players gains certain amount of kills: Killing players could grant a bit of Xp of course i’d would scale of players level, the Higher the player are the more Xp while the lower the players are the less Xp
That way no one will be farming of a level 1 players cause they’d only get like 30 Xp per or something.

So what do you guys think Do you like this? or do you think its bad? i personally think this system could save the pvp system and make it way more fun, who knows? maybe if it goes well we’d get an entirely dedicated pvp content in the future.

yeah i like this, we need it

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Top tier colo gear shouldn’t be 10000 marks of valor, 1500 is good for top tier

i mean to get the best weapon in the game it should take a while but with this idea would ensaure colossuem to be filled at all time. Not to mention there will be more ways to earn valor such as diffrent pvp modes: like Death match,capture the flag,King of the Hill and each time you win those game you’d get around 50 valors, not to mention the amount of kills you get there.

Unkillable warriors definitely knights Enough said
Also People have already figured out the highest damage combos

Mana drinking is fine subs are the issue
Fix this issue by not allowing any healing items to be used inside the colosseum

Instead of this there should be a few points on the map where if you stand in them for enough time you passively gain valor
For this to spawn you would need 10 people and if two people in the same guild stood in it the valor would go to their guild bank

Too much

Make this scale off of how many valors you are holding not how many kills you get because than kill stealing would be annoying

Instead of adding a pvp currency everyone has maybe make it a currency you can get from being in a guild like showing how strong your guild is

You Said High Risk keep it high risk but make the rewards amazing

this system is not for colossuem only it will be in pvp in general both in colossuem and open world. So interupting players eating and drinking animation.

80% damage is needed Sure Knights will be tanky "like they are suppose to how ever that just means they wont deal as much damage as the other warrior counter part. so if you play it smart and make sure to damage the Knight each time he gets low on Hp you will eventually win, I won againts 3v1 on colossuem when i was playing on my sorcerror and i can tell you this system will work. Considering how fast you can damage and punish players in certain distance with almost all classes.

And as Valor costing alot, than no Crap this is not meant for you to Unlock after 1 day worth of grind, this is to have players doing pvp based content daily and weekly, This should take an avrage players months to grind, this is a good way for rewarding players that has deticated alot of times doing pvp and it will finaly pay of beacuse they will possibly get one of the best tier weapons in the game and i’t will proably remain the best for year or so if not for ever depending what the devs deal with it.

What? What do you mean? Some players don’t like being in a guild and likes to play solo. People should not be forced to be in a guild to earn valor, don’t understand what you mean by this, but no the valor currency will basicly act as your third currency that you get for doing pvp based content.

Not sure what you mean but imma guess you assume that you want death penalty in it which again i have to dissagree with. Some players like me has spent hours girding gold and such by playing the game smart and being careful. having death penalty would just ruin its purpose, Peopel would only be using the meta Safe build and constantly just have gruop of players just spawn camping with their guild, i’d just ruin the fun out of it.