Immortality Bug

While doing a spider queen raid I suddenly stopped losing health. I was immortal and couldn’t die. I reset because someone in my party was calling me a hacker :frowning:. After we got back to the tree of life I challenged my friend to a duel to see if I could die. I died :slight_smile: and I was relieved.

Do you know of a possible cause?

First time I’ve seen this…

Do you have any steps in order to recreate this?

I am not really sure how it happened but before it happened to me I saw it happen to someone else. They were being hit but they weren’t taking any damage. I thought they were hacking so I reported it to a mod and they said that they were seeing similar stuff. They said it was like a bug involving the breaking of a player’s hitbox. I am going to try to see if I recreate this. All I was doing was hitting the spiders.

This happened to someone at the Whispering Dunes when they were fighting a Giant Bandit with me.

hrm, if you got reported and banned for a glitch that would be very bad
well anyways, i think this may be caused by an ability glitching. sometimes abilitys glitch, and certian things u are not able to do anymore these things may include:
not being able to jump, not being able to run, not being able to use any abilitys, and possibly not being able to die.
was an ablity glitched when this heppend?

I don’t know. They were a warrior, and another warrior was there too, and I don’t know which one, but one of them was spinning.

The person kept saying they couldn’t take damage.

but when it happend to you, was an ability glitched?
you can tell that its glitched if the nimber has a blue curcle around it that is not going away

I didn’t happen to me, but it happened to someone I was with.

ohhhhh i thought you said it happend to you
oh wait that was dish soap

I mean, I didn’t, unless it autocorrected.

you didnt it was dish soap who said sorry. were the people using any abilitys when this happend

It wasn’t a skill glitch because I was able to do damage to the spiders.

its not always that you cant attack. were you able to use abilitys after glitch?

I think so but i was mostly using click

ok then idk i have never seen this before