I'm unable to do anything

For some reason once in a while when I use a skill, the skill glitches out and I’m unable to do anything. I think I was able to open my inventory and options.

I’m not sure how it happens. I thought it was at first because I was using too many moves for the game to keep up with, however, I was proved wrong when I pressed Q, my magic bomb slot one key bind, to kill a scarecrow and I broke.

Very annoying when I died doing SQR and died in the Forsaken Isle :confused:

The skill icon shows the skill being used, but it doesn’t go back to showing the skill is not in use.


It happened twice in a row and this time I managed to take a photo of the console. I think I was spamming the Q button which I set at my slot 1 magic bomb. I’m not sure if the ability was on cooldown before or after I started spamming the button.

Edit 2:
Happened again this time with a different move and slot.

And Auktufiti’s almost dead ;(

if your a mage just use thunder

I’m unable to move, use moves, or anything of the sort. I used all the moves on my skill bar which included thunder but did not work.

Maybe rejoin? Idk what to do at this point

Are you lagging? This bug sounds like a lag problem and is similar to the bug in coloseum where you are unable to use your abilities

Not much lag. I like to keep performance stats on and the most I’ve ever gotten was ~150ms