Im stuck in Seaside, but its not all bad

So, since the new Great Crossroads update, I still had a slot in farmlands. I haven’t opened them until today. I have a cursed DEF scroll on this slot, but the risk of leaving Seaside Path is too great. This slot is living here now. I took some pictures around the place for nostalgia so here you go.

OG Gary

This post came to life due to mee seeing fellow people stuck in Whispering Dunes.


Wait. How are you in sea side?

I had an slot from before the great crossroads update that removed farmlands. I haven’t touched it until now. If you saw Kensai666’s stream he was able to travel to Seaside Path from Farmlands. I wa able to do the same

I feel bad for you

wdym I have nothing on this slot and I can return anytime via Scallop Shores. There’s also unlimited Stamina here :eyes: since that wasn’t implemented in this area.

WAIT I just had an idea!!

Ooh I have a slot in the Clearing, meant to be a hunter. He rests amongst the hogs.

Bro wanna meet up and take some screenies?

don’t leave sea side. Go to crabby den. You can get the fishing rod!

ok, Ias returned to main Menu
coming back

You have the chance to get one of the rarest items in the game!

I was too :worried:

Maybe they shut it down…

uh oh

I will walk you through getting the fishing od

Oh noo

What happened?

You have a few movement choices from Seaside without going to a map where you can’t access Seaside/Farmlands again:

You can do:
Seaside to Farmlands
Seaside to Clearing
Seaside to Crabby Den

These will all keep you in the “old map” areas, and you should be able to travel between them. Make sure not to go to Nilgarf, Nilgarf Sewers, Mushroom Grotto, Mushroom Forest, Scallop Shores, Redwood Pass, or Enchanted Forest (I’m pretty sure those are the only maps you can access from these places) since they all have updates that prevent you from going back to those 4 old maps.

VIsiting Crabby Den as we speak with Dangerousdissasters who had a slot in Clearing

Good good

It seems like you cant get the fishing rod which is a good thing I guess.