I'm Ready And Waiting

I’m waiting at the portal for Port City.
I’m so excited!

I’m curious about those runes if we get them this update. also Im not a hunter so have fun with your port city

They are teleporter runes.

Yes I know, I’m curious if we’ll get them this update

We’d better, we’ve been waiting three weeks XD.

Yup also want that new mage staff, those new ancients as well :smile:

I maxed my mage before he even released teasers for those clothes, so I don’t have to worry about that.

when there’s things that could cost above 30 silver(if u buy more than one thing ofc) image

I have other chars, I buy items on them, drop them, leave the game, come back, and pick it up.

That’s how you transfer and share profit.

dang u can afford vesteria on alts? ;~;

Plus, I’ve been giving away weapon to lower levels.

Hahaha, you are gonna be waiting a longgggggg time mate.


you TROLL. i’m telling berezaa to remove your Regular rank

wai u do this to me meta.

Wow, you didn’t get the reference?


Was that post fake?

“Looks like our site isn’t working as intended”
when roblox screws up their servers

Meta, what the post you just screenshotted fake?