Im hesitant in playing vesteria

Because I don’t wanna lose all my data when it goes out of alpha

You should be fine, data getting wiped is a core part of early access RPG lmao. Like it or not that’s how it is. Good thing these developers don’t WANT to do it unless they have to, I’d say you would be good but it honestly is up to you and you should decide.

I’ll do my best to convince the developers not to wipe the data.

I’ll occasionally post topics, showing everyone’s progress, showing why the developers should lean toward the side of not wiping our data.

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By the time they do wipe the data, the game will already have ton of content and diffrent ways of leveling upp and there might even be content that you might have missed beacuse you where overleveld. so it will feel like a whole diffrent game when you play it.

I can quote Berezaa saying they will not wipe data ever unless it is absolutely necessary

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Most of the time developers don’t want to wipe data but it has to happen anyway.

But they said they only have to if its absolutely necessary. They do not have plans to otherwise. Or are you talking developers in general?

Prob talking most of the time with other devs. Tons of rpgs experience this

in general, at least thats how I hope they fell about it xD.