I'm Back! What Happened to Mages?

Hey guys!
I’m back to Vesteria after taking a long break which Berezaa himself suggested for high level players in May or June. Anyway, I see that there have been lots of awesome changes!

Just wanted to discuss mage changes with you guys! I love the new animations for things and the special effects on the bomb’s trails and stuff, but my mage feels wayyy less powerful than before. This is due in part to me having a very specific mage play style before any of these updates that appears to have become absolutely obsolete.

I was always a Magic Bomb mage, which has been buffed and nerfed enough in the past that I never really know what to expect, except now it is practically useless for PvP, and really not so useful in PvE either. It doesn’t even explode on impact, and no longer has ‘hold-to-aim’. I find that pretty frustrating honestly. I felt like magic bomb was actually created to be a mage’s massive AOE in the first place, but now another skill has taken over and killed zap with a similar effect.

That brings me to my next point, zap is dead?!?! Not only is it gone, but another AOE has taken its place which seems to be even more effective than Magic Bomb (better than the skill created specifically to be an effective AOE). That seems a little strange. I know zap was constantly a point of frustration by the players and a rework nightmare by the devs, but to me this new lightning spell seems a little more overpowered. I mean, it locks in. It will literally hit you if you are nearby. Doesn’t that sound a bit like hunters in the auto aim days?

Now, to be fair, I have not actually played with the new lightning skill in PvP, so I can’t hate on it too much. maybe it just doesn’t do much damage. I really wouldn’t know because I was super specialized, as I stated earlier. By this, I mean that I was a Magic Bomb mage who also had max blink. It was a rare and quite effective build for a while.

So the new blink looks pretty cool. Actually the animation is awesome. My issue then? It now has this subtle little channel time. That seems fair right? No. not at all. The positive is a mage can run super fast with the new skill point system because blink cools down super fast now. BUT, you used to be able to blink while JUMPING. You could climb rocks, you could blink in any direction, hop rooftops, and it was SUPER effective in PvP. Warrior starts their ground slam? no prob. jump and blink! Need to do a quick chest run? Jump and blink to those hard to reach chests. …now blink is only a forward moving skill… and that’s ok I suppose, but it completely changes how I play.

Anyway, I would love to hear from all of you about how you feel about these mage changes. They seem to have at least kept people from complaining too much that any class is too op recently. Also, I know sub-classes are about to come and change everything. This is purely a discussion about mage as it is now vs how it has been.

PS: the algorithm gods seem to have taken my regular badge due to my inactivity. press F…

Mage somehow got nerfed harder.

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zap got reworked

blink and bomb practically got nerfed (except blink is a direct nerf)

I find the new mage to be way more fun than the old mage, Im pretty sure the main issue with old mage was not being able to hit anything, berezaa saw this and gave them thunderstrike aswell as the reworked rock throw which now homes on enemies (to be honest I use this move more than my basic attack).

but now we cant hit bomb

Magic Missile and Thundercall are so good
makes being a mage funner :>

magic missile is adventurer skill and thundercall low range

its basically the equivalent of old zap because they have weaknesses and they have strengths so ill just assume they’re the same balance

old zap couldn’t hit while new zap can hit but you get ground slammed or executed when you use it in pvp

pve also balanced because 10 elder mushooms and you stand on the pile, all get hit

but then again, you cant focus a single (or perhaps 2) rattys with 3 bolts of lightning with new zap

new mage is more crowd control than old glass cannon mage

except magic bomb is worser so its doodoo

the triple zap has evolved to an ability zues has which is thundercall, and tbh it’s way worst than triple zap

and magic bomb got nerfed and it also has gravity law now

also bomb can’t direct shot players

honestly i dont understand the point of mage being like a support class when they cant deal a good amount of damage and are not able to defend themselves

Mages are only good for killing hoards of shroom families.
Its doo doo in pvp and doesnt perform as well as the other classes in pve.
Also welcome back, check the sneak peeks section.

If Mage was movie Berezaa would be be the good guy that does everything wrong and ultimately fails.