Im back! (I bet no one missed me)

I’m back, I left off on a bad note.
Some people may be wondering what happened and it’s quite simple. I simply got lazy, a little tired of seeing Gimp, and playing too many games. wow shocker…
I’ll still do the winterization of profiles just I’ll do ones that are messaged to me even though its almost Christmas.
On the bright side, I found some epic memes and I made some audios on Roblox which is not very cool now that I’m typing this out.

Also, I found the sacred drink

Which the meme is probably dead by now anyway.

At least my laptop is epic

Who are you

Who are you x2
(and dam boi a red dell)

uhhh do we know you

Welcome back, finally someone with better memes than Kevcrusher (no offense Kevcrusher xd)

my name is Kevcrusher idot (Edit) u edit ur post i’m gonna have to ban u. and he take easy termpate noob

Welcome back! I did, in fact, miss you.

ok hi hello mememaster420
when will falare_gun b back :((((((((

hey knifehunter, nice to see a kool meme lord

he came back for a short period of time it’s not like he had Vesteria anyways i don’t blame him the game lacks content.

Welcome back dad

hi im new to vesteria

Welcome to Vesteria!

ok rude

Im new to the forums care to help?

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You betcha good sir. I’ll tell you all the details on discord.