I'm alone in this forums right now

I’m alone, aaaaaaa.

That Happens To Me A Lot More.

No me



Cool Story Bro.

But what if there is no one online… :thinking:

At that time I just read ancient posts I haven’t seen yet

But if you’re not here, who is? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: To be honest I’m always luring if a forum updated, it’s so addictive.

Pretty Sure You Meant Lurking, But Ok.

Shhh, I’m not English. I make a lot of spelling or grammatical mistakes. :confused:

Lonely I’m so lonely
I have nobody
To call my own

damn, that’s what i was about to do but I held back for some reason lol


Already Posted something on this but still

I’m Mr. Lonely

This is even better <3chrome