If you're a true chair-eater, please select the most bottom option

I see. But do you see? What if you think you can see, but in fact you can’t see? What if you don’t think you can see but you can in fact see? What if you think you can’t see, but hear instead? What if the sun started attacking the moon? What if spiders could fly?

  • What about pear?
  • But what if bear?
  • And what if it’s actually a deer?
  • No it isn’t deer
  • This is an apple
  • Pranked, it wasn’t an apple
  • No, I’m not writing a story here, this is a genuine poll.
  • I want Flare_Gun back

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  • no flare gun is dead stop talk about him
  • noob

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You can never compare to Flare_Gun. Stick at your level

yeh my level is actually 6969 xD :joy:

Weakling. Compared to Flare_Gun you are just a simple bug.

Flare_Gun’s power is over 69696969.

I come here there are no chairs. This is why you aren’t a part of the order.

You are not here for the chairs, only true chair-eaters are able to understand this.

Eh so I’ll assume you have attained more knowledge about chairs than me. I don’t care what you do, just don’t insult me again.

lol falare gun is litderly a dead meme XD :rofl::joy::joy::sob: