If you are spending 1g on a spider weapon that has been cursed once, you are getting ripped off

If you have spent 1g on a cursed spider weapon that has 1 scroll added into it, you have gotten ripped off. You see, if a normal spider weapon is like 400s, and a cursed attack scroll is 100s, shouldn’t it be around 500-600 for the whole weapon? I have no idea why people are saying its 1g when they are adding an extra 500-400 into it. It would make sense if they added more scrolls but just one scroll on it is just a ripoff. Spread the word, this will save you money.

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I’ve moved this to #general-discussion.

Do keep that in mind that a cursed scroll has a 40% of failure and some cursed scrolls might give a gold star which will increase the weapon’s value.

True. But mainly red ones are what I’m talking about. But if it fails, its their fault.

Ok, thanks.

Yeah it shouldn’t be worth that much.

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people like to sell it to gain easy stonks
it’s not like old red tier lol

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Ppl and their gold tiers lol


Yeah, this is mainly about red teirs.

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thanks @Q_uv for moving :kissing_heart: .

Also it’s a bit interesting but money is slowly but surely inflating again, and will eventually lose all its value entirely.

In the end, giving 600 Silver for a Spider weapon might be good now if people will pay even more in the future.

It is up to opinion but in the end people can spend however much on whatever it is they want, but thinking logically weapons will release which are for level 30+ with the introduction of subclasses so I see no point spending any real amount of silver on weapons now.

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Yeah. It will change if the spider weapons value goes higher or the scroll goes higher. Then it will be worth much more