If there's stamina already here... Why have MP? I get it for Mages, but not the Hunter or Warriors. (Revoked. Gonna try to take this down.)

So… I was thinking of an idea to make the skills more useful, since doing a Dexterity only file is real hard.

I was looking through stuff and grinding a lot, but then I started running… That’s when it hit me.

The Hunter THROWS his dagger, and also STABS his enemy. (I am referring to his skills of course)

That takes energy. But MP… It’s Magic Points, right? Why does it cost magic points? Please let me know, and do NOT say: Because game logic, okay that’s a dumb argument in my opinion, so I can’t take that seriously. HE THROWS IT FOR PETE’S SAKE.

Sorry for being aggressive just now… .-.

Why is this even a problem for you?
Stamina is used ONLY for running.
Would it make a big change if the Mana bar became green and we called it stamina instead of Mana points?

Kinda, yeah. I mean it doesn’t make sense for the other two classes. Is it magical that a guy can throw a dagger at something? Nope. Is it tiring? Yes. I just thought of revoking MP for both the Warriors and Hunters, unless at some point they become elemental.

welp its not dat much important(small flaw) , the dev should spend their times to do something to improve the Gameplay instead

Yeah. May be minor, but a thing nonetheless. Anyways, thanks for letting me know, and yeah I agree. Maybe they can add… Dashing?

Idk. XD

Mana can still be used by warriors or hunters, like for instance the healing spell. It could be called a low level spell so that low tier adventurers can even use it. Plus if they only made the mage class have it they would have to make a cool down for the other classes but then there is still the healing speed which is a spell not a skill and that should take mana. Plus skills in a lot of other games take some sort of MP stat to use.

I get that, but for throwing the dagger, or doing a heavy stab? I can get the ground pound, but not simply tossing a dagger.

Like I said mostly everything uses mana and so do skills, like in many games. Why would they make a cool down system for 1 skill that’s ALSO a skill because it seems less power/less power consuming like the strength needed to preform a ground pound. It just would make sense.

I look at it like this: I get forced regeneration, throwing a magic bomb, leaping high into the air to do a ground pound, shooting lightning form your staff… But default stuff such as throwing something? Literally, someone can do that in real life. Magic? Nope. Definitely real. I can get the others needing mana, it just doesn’t make sense that something you can do in real life needs mana in game. That’s literally saying the only reason this is here is because of game logic. That sounds, and really is, (For me anyways), really dumb.

Don’t think about it as Magic, really.

Think about is as your energy to actually do skillful things.

It does say “MP” but that’s because it’s an RPG game and building an entirely new energy system just for the other classes seems like work that doesn’t need to happen.

Oh. Well… Kinda hard for me, because I like using logic. .-.

The magic of dagger throw is that you get a fresh dagger right away

Boom, checkmate atheists


Oh my word. Then how about the heavy stab, huh? Ugh.

Mana Points. Mana is life force/ energy. also dex only file is very easy, easier than an int only mage.

Well okay then, tell me why a DEX only save file is easier than INT only.

My dex only hunter with dagger throw does insane dmg compared to my int only mage, plus can sprint around, plus double jump isnt broken like blink, plus hunters can actually melee attack because execute with full dex is decent, plus MP regen is virtually the same at all levels because its so useless you just use fish anyways.

It’s that useles…? WHY HAVE IT THEN?!

you are right… it should be higher… almost like everyone has been saying on discord and here since recent update

Well… Most recent update nullified MP confirmed… Seriously, it’s just there for people to eat a lot of fish.

Hey Ben… Sorry about this argument. I took some time to cool off and… I’m doing fine now. Sorry about this. :wink: