If there won't be a bounty or monster book, at least let us have an encyclopedia

The bounty book may have been removed but with it, all our access to information about mobs was removed as well. It’s critical that we get to see mob drops, HP, etc. and the new “encyclopedia” doesn’t even have to give rewards for kills. It could operate based on when you kill one of a new mob, you unlock that mob’s page.

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Berezaa stated when I asked him this morning that the book itself will still be locked behind a gamepass. He also mentioned that once the wiki raids cool down, we can use that instead.

I can see why he would turn it into a gamepass. The book is extremely useful when it comes to analyzing mobs but not enough to make it P2W (since he removed the rewards).

the rewards are still there
just nerfed

Nvm, didn’t know the rewards are still there.