Idk if this is a leak or not

So i found this spider thing and its pretty cool and red. Cant wait to see it implemented into Vesteria.


Thats huge…? Where di you find such a thing?

So at the waterfall in enchanted forest there’s a little hut and above is a small crack, you go inside to find a chest and then a even smaller crack you can see the spider. I glitched in to get a pic of it.

Damn, way to clutch up for the community :pray:

you aren’t the first one to find this and at this point this spider is a well known fact

Well you had a bad day didn’t you.

I’ve seen a giant spider in my backyard once it gave me the chills

This has already been seen.

Might I suggest fire? I am always moving homes because once I find a spider I just burn the house down. My insurance company drives me crraazzyyy

Smart. :0

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