Identical items being more common than it's twin | Poll

I’ve made 2 polls to find out if people get one item more than the other item even though both items have the same drop chance from the same boss. I’ve done this because I want to know if it’s just me that gets 1000 skills resets from mokotuaa or if everyone has this “problem”

Vote which ever item you get more on the polls below

  • Stat reset tomb
  • Skill reset tomb

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  • Cursed ATK scroll
  • Cursed DEF scroll

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If you would like to complain about how you also get 1000 skill resets from big stick then feel (somewhat) free to do so in the comments

help every time i get skill resets and i grind for hours and no stat reset aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

For goodness sake, it is a reset tome, not a tomb. Using a reset tomb sounds like you are burying yourself LOL

I just used a reset tomb, To bury my Character in tal-ray’s tome


Aren’t we all?

yeah lol I realized that after


alright I can’t change it soooooo
it’s tomb now