Ideas to make colo popular again

So has you guys know Colosseum has been dead for a while now, I might have some ideas that might help changing it.

So at first i thought adding new items and content would be great but honestly i don’t think that would be enough to bring people back.

The best thing I could think of was a map change make colo wider and maybe add a lava pit where you can push players in or some traps around the map to make it fun.

Add a bounty system where there is a most wanted player with a bounty according to how many people he killed (Valor / silver) once the wanted player gets killed the bounty goes to the killed and his bounty increases by (1.5x-2x)

Bounty system : get 5 points per kill

Points required: (low populated server) being the player with most points

(almost full server) Player must have 150+ points to be most wanted

Random (daily/hourly) generated events would be great. (Just like bosses) but instead free for all / capture the flag etc…

And the two last ideas I had to spice it up where make daily challenges (not quests) for example having to kill 7 player with armour unequiped, having to deal a x amount of dmg, having to steal 4 kills, having to use rock throw only.

This type of stuff that could easily spice colo game play.

The last idea I got is once you get 1000-1500 kills you can make a custom title for your self like « King of The Sea » etc… (maybe make the kill requirement higher/lower so more people go to colo and it isn’t that easy to get(depends on how many people are active) ). Or instead of getting kills add it in colosseum shop where we can buy custom title for 500+ Valor marks

So this is all I have to say I want your honest opinion guys and comment some good ideas if you have some.

I do believe with Berezaa wanting to add Tier 2 weaponry for even higher Valor prices than the current equipment that some thought should be put into how people can gain additional Valor outside of claiming singles from kills, 5 from the daily, and I don’t even want to consider the hill since 95% of the time there will never be enough people to make it spawn Valor.

I believe titles should be expanded on in an entirely separate thread.