Ideas/Predictions For Subclass Ultimates

Turns out I didnt learn my lesson from my last post, if your wondering what happened with my last post, people liked my ideas but immediately brushed them off because apparently subclass abilities have already been decided. Well, I sorta knew that, but I just wanted to write that post as more of a prediction then an ideas thing, so sorry, I made a mistake in the title, wont happen again. Since im not exactly sure if subclass ultimates have already been decided or not, this is sorta a mix between an ideas post and a prediction post. If your unfamiliar with the idea of subclass ultimates, its been confirmed that subclasses will eventually recieve a super ability and special class title for making it to level 50, which will be the max level when subclasses are out. So no one is sure exactly when the ultimates will come out or what theyll be like besides the fact that there will be a special title and an ultimate ability that is super powerful, takes a ton of mana to use, and probably cant be used too often. So heres my ideas/predictions for subclass ultimates, hope you like them, and even if there is already another post like this or something that contradicts this post, I urge you to please look past that and just enjoy this post for what it is, a fan being a fan and showing how much he cares for this game.

Basics- So yeah, upon reaching level 50 with a certain subclass, youll unlock the ultimate book in your abilities page, go to it and youll be able to unlock your ultimate. Youve also unlocked a special subclass symbol and subclass title that will appear above your name. The ultimate will always take every last drop of your mana and will require your mana to be full to the max to use. The ultimate can only be used every 8 hours(Yep, every 8 hours, you heard me, youll see why in a sec!). Ultimates are so powerful that they can be the difference between losing or wining a tough battle, able to level entire battlefields worth of high level enemies and even help take out a boss like The Yeti as if it were a scarecrow. So be careful and think before you use these things.

Title- Grand Templar
Ultimate- You summon a large bubble around you, any player who isnt currently fighting you can walk into it, enemies cannot, although theyll try to hit it, it will not break, no matter what. Anyone inside the bubble(counting you), will be treated as if they were standing beside a campfire, cause their health and mana to regenerate rapidly. Whenever the ability ends, the bubble will shatter, causing any nearby enemies to take serious damage, be knocked back, and breifly stunned. The more player inside the bubble, the stronger the blast from it breaking.

Title- Divine Guardian
Ultimate- Surrounding you wherever you go is a large circle that causes any players(who arent fighting you), to recieve both a +5 INT buff and a +5 VIT buff, the circle will always be around you, even when you move. Every player inside the circle increases the buff by +1 for all players, meaning if 5 players are in the circle(not counting you), walk into the circle, it will become a +10 for both INT and VIT, all players inside the circle will also recieve an increased health and mana regen speed.

Title- Weapons Master
Ultimate- Your character grows to the size of a massive enemy(like the mini-bosses), your VIT and STR are maxed out but your INT and DEX are taken to 0, you move extremely slow and attack slowly, you cannot use any abilities, and surrounding you is the same red mist that giant enemies recieve. You deal a ton of damage, enough to take out multiple guardians in just 1 swing, and your attack radius is massive, you also have a ton of knockback…basically you become a boss.

Title- Eagle Eye
Ultimate- You are sent into first person, and any enemy or player in the view of your screen, no matter how far away or if they are behind a solid object they will be marked on your screen along with their health bar. Enemies will have a red aura, other players will have a blue aura, players in your party or guild will have a green aura, chests will have a yellow aura, and bosses will have a purple aura, you can also zoom in or out whenever. Seeing things isnt all this is good for, in the center of your screen is a crosshair, and if you aim the crosshair onto an enemy, it will start changing color, once it turns red, youll be locked on and as long as that enemy is still in view of your screen, then you can tap the shoot button and you will fire an arrow at them that will always hit, even if they are moving super fast or behind a wall, the arrow will follow them and go through walls, upon hitting them, the arrow will deal serious damage and always crit. You can use this ability until it ends to see where everything is or you can fire up to 10 arrows, then it will automatically end.

Title- Shadow Killer
Ultimate- You throw down a potion which creates a gigantic area of smoke around you, completely blocking the view of any players and making it to where enemies cannot find their targets. You can see perfectly inside the smoke, players and enemies inside it are marked with an aura, you can use this ability to hunt down enemies inside the circle, you also gain a massive STR and DEX buff and you always crit.

Title- Master Of Mischief
Ultimate- You begin to lift up into sky as if you were floating, all enemies or players within a large radius of you will be pulled to the area below you, and within a large radius around you, large, colorful circles will begin to move around the area randomly, these circles will apply a negative effect to anyone under it based on the color of the circle
Orange= -10 STR
Pink= -10 VIT
Purple= -10 DEX
Light Blue= -10 INT
Although AI enemies probably wont do much to dodge these circles, any unlucky players caught by this ultimate will have to try and escape the trap without getting hit by any of the circles, because the effects from these circles last for 10 minutes, and wont go away even if you enter a new area or leave the game(idk if adding that part is a good idea, but I dont want people getting hit by this ability, just to leave the game and re-enter, feels like thatd be a waste). Over time the circles will grow and start to move faster.(its basically just to mess with people, which is a very trickster thing, but its also set up to be kind of like a twisted game show, kind of like SAW. Also, this ability, unlike most of the others, can affect ANYONE, enemy or ally, so make sure to warn your fellow adventurers when your about to use this)

Title- Commander Of The Elements
Ultimate- Send a large ball of energy into the sky, exploding and causing a giant shockwave to cascade over the map, within a large radius around you, bolts of energy will rain down from the sky, exploding and applying a specific affect to anyone hit by it based on the color
Red= Fire, take damage over time
Blue= Ice, massive speed debuff
Yellow= Lightning, briefly stunned, lose some of your mana
These will fall from the sky randomly, raining down on your enemies

Title- Shadowbinder
Ultimate- You are covered in a blood red glow and large, magic tendrils reach out to grab any nearby enemies or players, ally or not, and suck the energy from them. For every player and enemy grabbed by a tendril, all 4 of your stats will recieve a +1 buff, and any enemies that arent a player or a boss will be killed, no matter how strong. Your health and mana will also be fully healed. Also, whatever buff you get from this ability, all surviving enemies and players will recieve a debuff and all 4 of their stats of the same amount.(make sure to warn your allies to get as far away as possible before you use this)

Title- Angelic Zealot
Ultimate- Upon using this ability, you will begin to float into the air, and youll gain a halo and wings made of light. Youll release a powerful shockwave that will fully heal everyone on the map, and surrounding you will be a large pool of energy that will give anyone who isnt an enemy infinite health and mana, theyll even get a light halo above their heads. While this is active, you cannot move or attack, all you can do is watch.

Welp, thats all, tell me in the comments if you think these ultimates are too weak or too powerful, or just need to be completely changed. Hope you liked my post, have a nice day!

s m o k e b o m b q u e s t i o n m a r k ?

u gave blademaster a beserker skill

I like some of these ideas, but a lot of balancing will be needed to make these not OP


…its a game and berserker isnt a class in this game, so yeah, and besides, its literally the same thing as berserker just with a different name. Its focused on damage.

Yeah, like a potion of smoke or something covers the area with smoke.

the names are a bit eh


Guess Subclass Ultimates are not happening…