Ideas on how to fix the economy

  1. So as of right now, Vesteria’s two of their only economy sinks has been removed from the game, which so to speak, is the orb and scroll shop. So I’m thinking, why not add durability for your gears, and when your losing durability, you have to fix em at a blacksmith shop, which will cost coins, the more broken the gear is, the more expensive it is to repair. The location wise will be decided later on, this somewhat helps remove and throws away the coins as it is given to an npc and not a player.

  2. Secondly, I am also thinking of an auction house, where say for example, everyday or week, a rare item will be put on auction and players will have to bid for it, and the amount bidded will be given to the npc.

  3. I was thinking to add taxes to trades, that way it removes some coins out of the economy

These are some of the ideas I can think of right now, feel free to let me know of any flaws I have in my ideas. Currently thinking of more ideas. :grin:

Weapon durability would be a nuisance if anything. I would rather just have a trade tax and the scroll shop added back to cap scroll prices.

I was also thinking of trade taxes, but yea thx for the feedback!

I don’t think this game would be great with durability butcool

If they don’t add back orb and scroll shop this is the idea I have to come up with cri

just introduce Reaganomics in vesteria