Ideas on how magic works (Lore)

I was reading some unofficial lore made by the players and i’de been thinking about magic lore for the past few days so i guess i’ll share it here. I have a 4 ideas on the lore of magic.

Controlling matter

So the idea behind this is that mages can control atoms around them, they’ll take some hydrogen and oxygen from around them and make a water ball, or they’ll just take some stone from the group and throw a boulder. They basically take the elements from around them and combine them into other elements


The idea with this is that magic breaks the law of equivelent exchange (Fullmetal Alchemist lmao) Basically mages have a magic energy in them that regenerates from nothing, it’s called mana or essence, They can use it to break the laws of physics and create matter out of nothing, even though it’s impossible to create or destroy energy. Mages use this energy to create fire, water, anything you can imagine, or they can just thrust it out in it’s physical form (magic bomb)

Mana from ernergy

This is similar to essence except the mana comes from your energy, similar to stamina, it comes back from eating (so the energy isn’t created from nothing, it comes from food) maybe everything has this energy, and mana potions are just a concentrated form.


This idea is that magic is very mysterious and no one really knows how it works