Ideas for Some New Perks

This isn’t really a specific feature request, more just a bunch of ideas I had for new perks. I don’t really have any names or ways that these perks would be implemented. I just think they’re cool ideas.

Killing an enemy reduces all ability cooldowns by 0.2s. Only applies once every 1 second. Enemies killed before one second has passed since last activation do not count towards cooldown reduction.

Essentially, this perk lowers the cooldown of all of your abilities when you kill an enemy. Think of it similar to execute, but instead of completely skipping the cooldown it lowers it. The 1 second cap is to prevent Sorcerer and other AoE players from being able to just skip the cooldown entirely. Some of the numbers may need a bit of tweaking.

Range at which enemies are able to detect you lowered by “x” studs.

Pretty self-explanatory perk. I don’t know how many studs would be fair, so I wont put anything there for now. Not really too useful for higher level players but might be helpful for lower level players.

All party members gain +10 Max HP per the number of members in the party.

This seems like a useless perk, and to an extent it is, but if you were to stack it (say all 6 party members have this perk) then it would add up to a total of +360 HP for every party member. Of course, this wouldn’t be likely, but it would be possible. It’s basically to encourage people to make parties more.

Increase DEF by +“x” for 6 seconds when hit by an enemy.

Again, I don’t know how much DEF increased would be good for this perk, so I’m just leaving it as a placeholder. Maybe this perk would also be more balanced with an activation cooldown so that you can’t just tank stuff (or maybe it could be a Knight exclusive perk so that they can tank stuff easier).

Using an emote for at least 1.5 seconds while targeted by an enemy grants +20% chance to dodge the enemy’s attacks for the next 10 seconds. Using an emote again for at least 0.5 seconds while still targeted will reset the cooldown.

I just really want emotes to have a neat gameplay feature. This would be a fun Trickster exclusive perk, but I don’t know if it would work for a class perk. Maybe for Trickster exclusive weapon/armour if that ever becomes a thing.

When your party as a whole reaches “x” amount of kills, all party members gain a bonus +10 ATK for 10 seconds

Another party based skill. Again, don’t know how many kills would be balanced (maybe something like 300) or if the ATK bonus/duration is too much.

Having no armour equipped will increase your chance to dodge attacks by +30%

This is the epitome of a glass-cannon build for hunters. Would probably be a DEX perk, rather than a weapon/armour perk (obviously if it was an armour perk it wouldn’t make sense). The 30% might need to be adjusted to be slightly lower or higher.

All potion effects (except healing and mana regen) last 10% longer

For the perfect survivalist build, this perk works well with the Vitality perk where you get 1.3x HP restored from consumables and the Intelligence perk where you get 1.2x mana restored from consumables. Not really sure how this one would be implemented in particular.

You are able to continue fighting for 5 seconds after losing all of your health. In this state, all abilities have extremely short cooldowns (like 0.5s per ability). In this state, you are unable to heal through any means (healing pots, Clerics, Paladins, Regeneration ability, etc.). After the 5 seconds are up, you must be resurrected or respawn.

Does not work in areas where the death penalty is not present.

Heavily inspired by the “Swan Song” perk from Payday 2. Again, this wouldn’t really be a massive help except for being able to gain some extra EXP/Money before you die. There might be some niche situations where this would come in handy though.

Leave behind a short trail (about 4 steps away max) of poison whenever you walk anywhere. This poison is weaker than Venom Bomb’s poison (much weaker, something like 10 damage/second) and lasts on the ground until you either jump or walk 4 steps away.

A perk for boots! Right now, I’m pretty sure no boots have any perks despite having such a high number of possibilities for perks. Boots with perks should probably only provide either the perk, or for higher level boots, some extra stamina and the perk to make it so that boot perks aren’t too OP.

Trees have a 50% higher chance to drop fruit when hit.

No clue how this one would be implemented. Doesn’t really fit anywhere except for the DEX perks, but still a fun perk nonetheless.

Unlocks an ability called “(ability name here)”. When used, a random status effect (either positive or negative) is given to the user. Ability recharges every 30 seconds and costs 25 mana to use.

I really like the idea of a luck-based ability similar to Metronome from Pokemon. I also really like the idea of getting abilities from perks. Again, no idea how this would be implemented.

That’s about it for right now. If I come up with any more perk ideas I’ll update this post.

I really do like the idea of perks which can reduce cooldown timing, but I can also just picture a Ranger using Arrow rain on Moglo’s and being able to spam it - though they would run out of mana quickly. This perk wouldn’t effect PvP in any significant way.

Also concerned over how overly effective this would be for Mages who use AOE attacks - Meteor spam?

One of the original DEX perks when the point-based perks were first implemented was something involving detection range? I think this would be a nice perk though.

I believe Knight’s are already going to get plenty of defense bonuses from Shields+Shield perks and already resist quite a lot of damage, I would be concerned by how effective a defensive multiplier could become.

This is interesting, but would be incredibly powerful for an early-game run. It would technically be the ultimate glass-cannon skill. It would be very fun.

This seems eerily similar to the DEX/INT Perk of increasing consumption speed? Though the consumption speed perk currently in-game is incredibly underwhelming and leaves no impact as of right now.

This would be absolute hell for PvP, and I believe could just make things more confusing.

Sorry I didn’t comment on everything.

That’s the reason behind the 1s cooldown between when it applies. If a Sorcerer uses Meteor and kills 20 Rattys for example, it’ll only trigger the skill once because it hadn’t been one second since it last applied. Then, after waiting a second and using it again, it would apply only one time again until the 1s has passed again. This continues all skills are recharged.

Yeah, it was something weird though like “Decreased detection when crouching” despite crouching not being in the game.

It wouldn’t really be a multiplier, it would just be a base amount. Maybe something like +20 DEF. Even though Knights already have good defence, maybe it could be a general Warrior armour/weapon perk.

If it was a DEX perk it would require a pretty significant amount of DEX to hit (although now that perks based on how many stat points you have are going away, I don’t know exactly how this would be implemented? Maybe on a weapon?).

You could combine it with consumption speed to be able to constantly have potion effects, thus encouraging people to hold more stat potions.

You make a good point. I didn’t really think of PvP when making this. Maybe change it so it only works in areas where death penalty is possible? That would rule out cities and the Colosseum which are the major places where PvP happens.

Dodge tank?
Mh hmmm

Either I’m not reading this properly or that’s not how math works.

I really like this. However, none of the emotes are really ‘taunts’. Maybe add some taunts and this would be cool for pvp.

I don’t really see anyway this would help with grinding but I see this would be hell in pvp situations being unable to die with boosted stats while your enemy (except ranger or mage) is close by would really be annoying.

You’re not reading it properly. If in a party, you alone have it, you would give +60 hp. If you were to stack it (i.e: x members have the perk), then the total boost would be x times 10, or x*60 hp. If all 6 members have it, that would be 360 hp.

This is really nice, it basically reduces the cooldown of abilities by 20%. This would be op if the 1 second caveat wasn’t implemented, but that makes it balanced.

Yep, this won’t be too useful for high-levels, especially with a lot of the enemies in dunes already having high detection rate (Autkfacti, Worms). This would be useful for lower levels because low levels are fragile.

I love this, it gives an incentive to get this perk and the fact that it stacks makes it great, especially in the early game, where 360 max hp is a lot.

30 seconds seems way too much. 8, or even 5 seconds is far more reasonable. This would also be even more useful for knights, which they already have a lot of defense.

This would be great except that we don’t have many emotes.

30 seconds seems like a fair amount of time, if x is something like 250. Something like a frenzy mode, but instead of a flat 10 attack multiply it by 1.2x

This is way too underpowered. You will take easily double or triple the damage you would with armor, and a 30% dodge chance is far too small of a reward for the risk you take. To balance this, it should also give a 15-25% attack buff, to really complement the glass cannon build.

This seems like a pretty fair perk. Stacking with the intelligence and vitality perk also helps.

This is bad in PvE, but insane in PvP. You’re not going to do anything in 5 seconds in any situation but Colo. The tiny ability cooldown would benefit tricksters, rangers, sorcerers, clerics, berserkers, and paladins. But mostly rangers and sorcerers. In PvP, they’re already bad enough. Rangers for the Hail of Arrows, and Sorcerers for Meteor call. With the 5 seconds of invulnerability, you can escape Colo and get your marks easily, or create a no-man’s land with 7 arrow rains or 7 meteor calls.

Adjusted some perks to make them more balanced according to feedback, and also added 3 more perks. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

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