Ideas for New Slots + Legend Rank

Now that the tester program has been reformed and people are scrambling to get even more limited tester positions, it comes a time where people are going to look for more slots. Slots have always been extremely limited to non-testers, and after some time and maybe even now, people will be done with their slots, and are looking for more. I have a few ideas;

1: that for each slot you would have to pay a certain amount of money, maybe 3g, and can be contributed from any slot. This would be a more lenient way to get slots and if the devs want to give out lots of slots
2: that slots can be earned by leveling a number of (let’s say 2) other slots to a certain level (let’s say 35) this would allow people to have limited slots but still earn slots based on how long they’ve been grinding and this way it would reward grinders another slot and chance to start anew

Now for the legend rank. As most of you know by now, the legend rank is for former testers, and most of them have lost lots of their old slots from when they were a tester. I personally propose that the legend rank have like 2-4 extra slots or so, and be an earnable/applicable rank as a sort of “pre-tester rank” for those who really enjoy that game and want to do more but don’t really have the abilities to be a full-on tester. This rank can be obtained by doing really well but not the best on the tester application. This allows feedback on our applications and can give those who almost made it some consolation, and can speed up some parts of the community, and give some dedicated people some extra slots to play with.

Give me some feedback on this post and put your ideas/reactions/suggestions and thanks for reading this post

In my personal opinion 4 slots is more than enough as it allows you to get atleast one of each class and one extra.If you don’t like one slot just reset it and grind for like 2 hours back to level 30. Although it is a neat concept to have a level requirement for extra slots I do not really see a point to it.

I don’t mean by I don’t like the reset function, a lot of people like having a variety of classes to play at the same time and can switch anytime. It was neat as a tester to switch from trickster to cleric to berserker to assassin to any other subclass without having to reset and grind 2 hours over and over again

But the thing is if you are bored of one class you might as well switch to another you find interesting.

As a player and a former tester, I liked being able to have all slots available to test a bug or see a new feature immediately when the class was updated. With only 4 slots, you can’t see all the new updates ASAP, and it would be cool to have more anyways, nothing bad about it