Ideas for housing

Since the inside of buildings have already been implemented into the game, why not give them a use. Since this is me writing this, I can’t just make a simple suggestion without writing an essay to go with it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think housing should be used for 2 main things. 1) as a place to decorate and hang out, and 2) as item storage.

First of all, how exactly would he housing work? I think that in every town, there should be one or two “houses”. By paying gold, (or maybe players get a house for free?), players will get access to their own personal house. They would not own that specific house in the town, meaning that one building could hold everybody’s houses at once. Once a player owns a house, they walk into the building and are greeted by a gui. It would say something like “visit your house”, “visit a friend’s house”, or “upgrade your house” and you could choose to either go into your house, or into an online friend’s house(they have to be inside of it for you to go). If you are a party leader and join a house, your entire party will also be given a prompt asking them to join. You would be able to access your house from anywhere that has one of these “housing” buildings. This could maybe work as some sort of fast travel, but I’ll talk about that later.

House uses.

  1. If we are going to have a house, we might as well have decorations right? I’m not sure how exactly you could get these decoration items. Maybe you could get them from mob drops, quests, or from shops. It would be pretty awesome to have our own little area to customize though!

  2. Storage! That’s right, this game is in desperate need of some personal storage, and what better place than your own house? Houses would all have a small room called “The Vault” where players can store items. This would only be accessible by the player while they are in their houses, not from everywhere.

  3. This isn’t really a use, but upgrades! Basically, I think you should be able to upgrade your houses in 2 ways. First, you can upgrade the size of your house, either adding more rooms or making existing rooms larger. Second, you can upgrade the vault, giving you more room to store your items.

  4. Fast travel. This one is a bit crazy, but hear me out. What if the houses could be used to move from town to town? You would either have to visit the housing building in an area to unlock its warp, or buy something in that area that would enable warping there. This seems like a decent way to warp, since it isn’t insanely fast. You would still have to go to a town and into your house to warp somewhere, and the places you could warp are limited. The reason why I want something like this is because although the trip to the warrior fortress was fun the first time, it won’t be after 5 or so trips. Having a way to get back to an area after visiting it once or twice would be awesome, and houses could be used for that.

I guess that wasn’t as long as I expected… well, leave your opinions and ideas below and all of that!

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Wow, nice ideas!

I like the personal storage idea, helps you clear up your inventory and store some unnecessary items away.

House decoration would extremely nice and the some houses should have a use like for hanging out with friends or other people.

Fast travel is also very good, you can travel from somewhere to the major cities or big areas. I kinda don’t want fast travel in a house, I want fast travel to be in major cities where you can travel to the other major cities or areas but that’s just my opinion.

4 is already planned.

We will have runes that you can buy from each city to teleport to the city.

Or I guess from faction Headquarters too.

Adding houses to the game would be great! It would really strengthen the social aspect of the game, reminding people that killing enemies is not the only thing to do in a MMORPG. :houses:

I agree except the fast travel thingie I’m not so sure about