Ideas for dungeon parts

Dungeons are probably one of the most interesting parts of RPGs. However, a lot of RPGs are usually repetitive with dungeon gameplay, which usually revolves around killing enemies then going to the next area, repeat. Perhaps things could be a little more interesting for Vesteria?

Up to 5 players meeting the level requirements of the dungeon can enter. They need be in a single party so they can all enter the dungeon at the same time. Vesteria dungeons could have 4 main parts (any of these could be repeated once in the dungeon for a longer, harder dungeon):

  1. An obby-like part OR a hidden item part.
  2. A mob-filled part.
  3. A puzzle part.
  4. A boss part.

As soon as players enter the dungeon, all of them will be granted the same dungeon quest. The dungeon room can be fairly small, or as large as half a map, depending on how challenging it is. When a player with the key item reaches the interactable, they can advance to the next part. There will have to be a set time for players to complete the dungeon before everyone is kicked out due to dungeon failure. Then as follows:

Obby/Hidden Item Part

In this part, the players will either have to go thru an obstacle course using their class transport capabilities, or have to explore around the room to find a key item (it won’t appear in their inventory, but instead as a quest item that will show in their quest log). If one player finds the item, it is despawned for everyone, and everyone in that dungeon will be notified,
“{Player} has found the {Key Item}!”
That player who has the item will have to reach the interactable which they will use the key item on, then they could go to a certain area of the dungeon to trigger the second part for that dungeon. However, if that player dies in the process of bringing that item to the interactable, it will show for everyone:
{Player} has died and the {Key Item} has been lost!
The key item will respawn in the same place if it requires going over an obstacle course of some sort to reach, or it will respawn in a different designated location if it is meant to be hidden somewhere in that room.

Mob Part

In this part, special dungeon mobs will start spawning. The party will have to take out a specific number of a special dungeon mob to pick up quest resources from them. Let’s say that the dungeon party has to kill at least 250 orcs to a key from one (Idk, could be something more creative but this is just an example). The player who kills the 250th orc will get the key item dropped from the dead orc, which they can use to go to the next part. Orcs will stop spawning in the dungeon or spawn much less often…for now.

Puzzle Part

In this part, players will be indicated where the puzzle they are going to do is. The puzzle could be something simple like connecting tubes to make water flow thru, or it could be more interactive and require cooperation like getting a ball to roll into the right place to trigger an explosion to blow open a vault or gate. There wouldn’t be a real key item for this part though. Right after completing the puzzle, a cutscene will play, which leads to the boss part.

Boss Part

Being the final part of the dungeon, the boss part will be the most fun part of the dungeon. The boss will appear from the a hidden spot or fade in from the dark, and they might have angry dialogue about the disturbance of their turf. For instance:
Orc King: How DARE you little runts intrude onto my lands.
I’m the Orc King, and you have the nerve to come here and blow stuff up?
I’ll make sure you all little Vesterians never come back. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

After the dungeon boss is defeated, the boss will have a longer, more detailed death animation. They will also have TONS of valuable resource drops, so they will be worth killing.
Let me know your thoughts on this.


Your title isn’t very clear. Can you move it to #general-discussion?

I finished, I was going to move it anyway.

if the puzzle isn’t randomized then, Wasteofmytime

dont like this idea. parkour is very tedious with Vesteria because of animations, character shape, and the fact that your character looks to wherever your mouse is.

the rest i agree with

Yeah, that could lead to potential issues. But the platforms would need to be large enough for the character to rotate around in. And the jumps would need to be made not too hard.

Are you thinking of it all being in one room and this stuff just like appears? It kinda sounds like that and that may help make the dungeons faster, but i think it should be a bunch of rooms with some of these ideas that are connected

I was first thinking it as seperate rooms, but with one big room/map there would be more room for exploration and stuff. And more space for obbies.

I don’t see how one room would add more exploration, if it’s just a big open area you could see everything, and they can always make bigger rooms for obby sections

Or maybe it could be a mix. There would be one main room and smaller rooms around that room where key items would be located and where mobs would spawn.

Should this go in #gameplay-improvements:new-features?

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“ideas” is plural. meaning that this contains more then one feature request (which it does). therefore it should stay in general discussion

Yeah, but it is basically one big idea explaining how dungeons would work. The parts is all in the one idea (dungeon), so it possibly could go both ways depening on how someone views it as.

It’s better to be safe with General Discussion then putting it in New Features and it being in the wrong category.

Warrior glitch roll and Blink kinda contradict the whole obby thing. But I like all of the other ideas :+1:

Hunters have double jump and will soon get a transport skill, so all classes will have their advantages:

Warrior - can high jump with ground pound, long jump with roll

Hunters - can Double jump at no cost

Mages - can blink in the direction of their trajectory

Long jump got patched and I don’t like high jump. Since lunge is currently broken, I am stuck using groundpound in PVP; and it really sucks when you’re trying to dodge stuff and attack with groundpound.

Lunge is broken? How?

It has a radius of a knife and lasts for about .10 seconds.

yeah sometimes in pvp it just doesn’t even register it as a hit even tho, im clearly in range probably knife range