Ideal Mage INT layout?

Right now I have a level 13 Mage alt slot that I’m working on. My plan is to max its Mage Bomb, give it a Keen Webbed Staff, and give it Archaeomagus Robe and Archaeomagus Hat (unless I find better INT headgear), put most of its points into INT. Aiming to make Mage Bomb HUGE, then leave a supersized DoT pool behind.

What would I really need for when it is max-tiered?


don’t go INT if you want Venom AoE, go DEX as it leaves 4 bombs at max.

Not a really good idea in my opinion. Like S0m3th1ng said, if you want the dps of a webbed staff, you best go dex. For me personally, 5 or 10 dex and the rest int is fine. The dps from magic missile with the twilight ability deals enough.