Idea Summary (Maces, Spears, and new Knight Skills)

Ahem? I have just about 3500 hp, this guys could kill me in 3-5 hits

WAIT!!! We obviously need a cricket bat

He does that much (I think) with defense accounted for

I actually do 9000 damage, but to players of my lvl I do around 900, 3000 if crit, 1100 with war cry

Holy shat dude, that scares me

but I do like 400 damage to sarakis rip

What?? I do about 300-700 but maybe that’s just something about knight or I’m just Delusional

I have more dex than str

What why? If you want atk speed get ancient jawbone, or is it for the bloodcrazed ability?

crits, crits.

Not sure about Maces and Spears but the Knight skill suggestions sound interesting. Maybe Defender’s Stance could be a perk on Knight mastery armor, which would turn Parry into what you were suggesting.

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I’m gonna grab Vincent for a stat reset