Idea Summary (Maces, Spears, and new Knight Skills)

I for one, find Clerics and Maces nearly inseparable (maybe I play Dungeons and Dragons too much XD), and I wish there were some maces in the game. Cleric exclusive.
I also tend to associate Knights and Spears, as well as Knights with being nearly immobile bastions of defense

I have some ideas for certain types of maces and spears, as well as a new Knight subclass skill, as shown below. Maces are mage exclusive, and spears are warrior exclusive.

Mushroom Mace
level 30
Appropriately-scaled ATK and half the appropriately-scaled INT
Perk: [knocks foes back, as if appropriately-scaled Mushroom Sword; I can’t think of a fitting name]
Description: A reinforced mushroom, carefully cultivated for maximum effectiveness

Totem Mace
Level 35
Appropriately-scaled ATK and half the appropriately-scaled INT
Perk: Rythmic Healing: Every fourth healing skill used heals twice as much [works with any from Cleric Subclass and the Adventurer’s Regeneration]
Description: Made from a part of the God of the Moglos (it is literally modeled after one of the totems from Mo Ko Tu Aa)

Spider Skull Staff
Level 30
Appropriately-scaled ATK and half the appropriately-scaled INT
Perk: Toxic Healing: Any enemies caught in the radius of your AOE healing skills take damage equivalent to the healing done.

KNIGHT SKILL: Defender’s Stance
Description: Shift into a defensive stance, taking less damage but also being much slower.
Functionality: 10 levels, costs MP per second (+3 MP per level), takes % less damage (+1% less per level), slows greatly (-10 Walkspeed and -10 Jump per level).

KNIGHT SKILL: Aura of Protection
Description: Shield your allies by transferring some of the damage they take onto yourself
Functionality: 5 levels, costs MP per second (+10 MP per level), % of damage taken by nearby allies is transfered onto user (+5% per level)

Spears are a weapon that allow the wielder extra reach and pierce armor, but also slow the wielder down. Variants exist from the shops obtainable for 1.55x the price of the sword of the same tier, ranging from Wooden to Steel. A Spider variant (Spider Fang Spear) exists, as does a Forsaken variant (Tuaa Spear), a Stingtail variant (Stingtail Spear), a Bandit Variant (Sand-Ravaged Spear), and a Rubee Variant (Rubee Stinger Spear). The Wooden Spear ignores 1% of armor, and every 2 levels (fractions dropped) adds another 1%. All spears impose a -10 walkspeed penalty on their wielder

Spider Fang Spear
Level 25
10% weaker than Royal Fang
Perk: Venom Thrust: poisons enemy like Spider Fang Dagger
Ignores 8% of armor
Price: 50 Royal Spider Eggs

Tuaa Spear
Level 35
10% weaker than Moko Club
Perk: Rythmic Stabbing: Every 4th hit ignores armor
Dropped by Mo Ko Tu Aa (because that’s where all the others are from)

Stingtail Spear
Level 42
10% weaker than Stingtail Staff
Ignores 12% of armor
Dropped by Stingtails

Sand-Ravaged Spear
Level 42
10% weaker than Sand-Ravaged Scimitar
Ignores 12% of armor
+8% critical hit chance
Dropped by Bandits, also dropped by Bandit Skirmishers but at a lower rate. (Also dropped by Auktufiti the Watcher and Azariah the Blood-crazed)

Rubee Stinger Spear
Level 15
10% weaker than The Stinger
Ignores 3% of armor
+3% critical hit chance
Dropped by Rubees

dude, maxed heal heals 500, that would do 500 damage and

this would become the most powerful weapon, most people don’t realize how much ur armor protects, try taking off ur armor and fighting

I honestly think these are good ideas, even with all the buffs knight has it is still widely regarded as a bad class and has an extremely small player base. Don’t hate on his ideas just bc you think they are way to good, knight deserves something like this that will finally give it the edge to compare with berserker and paladin

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I have. It’s intended against mobs (particularly saraskis the impaler, he takes next to nothing (barely 1k) from my maxed ranger’s shots (while stancing, Spider essence, and all that other combat buffs, he’s 50 dex rest str).

I agree, Berserkers and Paladins currently are much stronger than Knights no matter what, Knights need some sort of competitive edge.

500 damage isn’t that much, any Berserker or Ranger deals over 1k per hit.

Vary true

I have around 2200 health as a max berserker

Let me flex with 3567 hp as a lvl 45 knight

so it would be too overpowered

Sigh, you don’t get the point do you

I deal 3000 dmg per hit, but u have u factor in defense

You are missing the point. Mobs like Saraskis the Impaler have ridiculously high defense, it’s not intended to be used against players. It also emphasizes the skill factor of the game, instead of just making urself tanky enough to take a hit.

then make armor piercing only for mobs

But if it is usable against players, it encourages more skill rather than just good gear (also makes lower levels, who inevitably have lower armor, stand a chance against higher levels).

Knight is the least powerful class of the warriors, they need a buff so they can gain an edge in the community

dude, how, knights are practically invincible, and have pretty good damage, i think everything is RELATIVELY balanced

Auktufiti uses a bow, maybe make a new spear drop out of one of his finer arrows?

That’s a good idea!

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This does not, in fact use more skill. Knights have enough health to get up close and personal can just shield bash then stab 3 times and kill basically anyone of they have a decent weapon. That’s not skill. Remember when mages were arguing that old zap took skill to use and it was fair and balanced? Maybe add at MAXIMUM 300 true damage so it has less of an affect.