Idea on stamina

So I would like to start this out saying I do like this stam update. But one thing that is kinda annoying is running long distances just to travel. I don’t like buying runes and would rather run to my destenation. So I was thinking about how this could be fixed, and the first think that came to mind was the Ranger Stance.
Weird, ik. But why not have an adventurer skill that can be activated to give unlimited stam while using MP? This would be deactivated while attacking or being attacked, and have a large cooldown (like 30 seconds). This would mean that plp couldn’t spam it right after fighting. It could also help with SQR parkor seeing as a good team can clear the two parkor rooms to cut down on time, as long as you didn’t attack anything. Just an idea, I do really enjoy having stam in the game.

An unlimited stamina ability in Adventurer would be picked up by everyone and isn’t a solution.

The stamina adds slight depth to the games mechanics as it involves timing as well as conservatism.

I would much rather see long distance travel taken over by the introduction of mounts. Thankfully there aren’t too many areas to traverse excluding the beginning as well as runes which help.

I was thinking this could be a temporary addition just to help with traveling.

But it would depend on how much MP you had, and what your potion condition was.

For PVP and PVE, yes. But not for long distance traveling.

I feel as if your idea of an Adventurer skill wouldn’t be a viable solution.

It would be far too used by mages and such with the new level 45 cap. A mage could easily run for long periods of time without consequences. Not to mention Elixir Potions would make this easier for almost all classes.

Stamina adds depth into the game and requires you to think about what to do next during PvP and PvE. There aren’t many areas where you are required to run long distances. Also, lots of classes have movement-based abilities, such as Hunter with Shunpo, Mage with Blink, Warrior with Combat role.

As for SQR, it makes it more challenging and unique. Players who speedrun memorize every bit about what to do and it takes the fun out of things.

I really appreciate all your thoughts and am not trying to be difficult. I just wanted to throw this idea out and see what plp thought about it. I was thinking about this last night and came up with a couple more ideas. What if it had a limited time it could be used, making you able to run 4-5x longer, but then need to recharge? I agree the SQR is a bad idea for it, so maybe it could be disabled for the dungeons and the COLO. I mostly thought that it could be an adventurer skill for new players that are trying to explore the map. Maybe it could be disabled at lvl 15-20?

Thank you again for all your thoughts

As a hunter, I went 30 int and could probably run forever with the various buffs and then I get.

Intermap travel is apparently going to be handled by Taximan Dave.

Taximan Dave can take you to any map you’ve explored (with exception of maps on different continents such as forsaken), and any specific checkpoint that you’ve found on a map

Thank you I did not know this. Just thought I would through the idea out and see what plp thought. Thank you for everyone’s thoughts!!!

What if we gave mages the ability to levitate? Ik it sounds stupid but what if there was a basic mage ability that allowed them to basically sprint as long as they had mp?

Thank you for the idea.

Sadly, mages have so much mana that it would be pretty OP. It’s basically the same idea as I had, just as and ability for only the mage, which has been given a :-1:.

I admit, I loathe stamina. The thing is, if they added stamina then they would most likely add mounts that can be ridden as a faster means of transportation without waiting for stamina, but I can assume that it’s either bought with Ethyr or very expensive. Anyway, I do think stamina contributes to the gameplay quite a bit in terms of travelling or PvP and PvE, but it does have some issues.

I don’t get why heavy steel boots give you more stamina; it really is weird. Other than that, the idea of using mana to increase or prolong stamina, it’s a pretty far-fetched idea. Mostly because of mages’ huge MP capacity and the fact that you can use mana potions to prolong the duration of the spell.