[IDEA] New Bounty System

I liked the ability of being able to get silver from defeating an X number of enemies in Vesteria. The problem is that there’s no way to repeat a bounty, which makes it a one-time objective. My idea is to bring back the monster book and add daily and weekly bounties to respective faction leaders. Each bounty will have an objective that grants you silver and items relative to that faction, for example:

    Daily Warrior Bounty

Defeat enemies across the land of Vesteria utilizing a sword forged in the Warrior Stronghold.

0/50 Enemies Defeated

12 Silver
+15 REP (will explain the concept)

REP is obtained from completing bounties, and can be used to buy special vendor items from your respective faction vendors. Upon reaching 100 REP, you’ll be able to purchase the item in exchange for that REP.
Weekly bounties will grant great rewards, but will be way harder to complete. They will also be able to be completed by any class, and can be purchased from a vendor in Nilgarf.
Here’s an example of a weekly bounty:

    Weekly Bounty

Enter the Spider Queen’s Revenge dungeon and slay the vicious Spider Queen. Completing the dungeon with people in your friends list grants extra progress.

0/20 Dungeon Completed

75 Silver
+45 REP
+20 Royal Spider Egg

Bounties will expire in 7 days;

Bounties will show up in your quest log;

Completed Bounties can be redeemed via the quest log and won’t expire, but will count as a bounty and will make you unable to pick another one from the same vendor until you redeem it;

You can’t hold more than one identical daily bounty at a time

Daily Bounties will have a small price (5-7s), while Weekly Bounties will be more expensive (15-18s)

Dungeon Shopkeepers will also have Daily and Weekly Bounties in their shops

Yes, this is heavily inspired on the bounty system from Destiny 2.

I think this is a pretty good idea but the rewards and price for items seem wrong. Maybe decrease reward and increase price?

This could create more diversity in the game which a lot of players have been pushing for a long time. Everyone looks basically the same.