[IDEA] new boss/armour ideas

I’m really enjoying the game at the moment, but i think that it is lacking in something for high level players. what if instead of giant versions of enemies spawning randomly around the map, there was a dedicated room in different areas that had a boss in it. It would be twice as big and strong as the giant enemies, and require a decent party to defeat it. This brings me onto the armour idea, if the bosses dropped certain items that were unable to be found anywhere else (e.g. a spider eye) they could be combined with the regular enemy drop (spider fang) and given to a blacksmith to create fairly strong armour that would require a decent amount of time and effort to get, being good for high level players that have done and gotten everything else in the game. The armour would require a fair amount of these boss drops, making them not that overpowered against newer players, and have different types dependant on class. This could work with weapons too.

Lovely idea, but it’s already kind of planned for the game- kinda

The high level content just isn’t added yet, their goal is to have content for all levels, you aren’t gonna spend the rest of your vesteria days fighting spiders; it’ll change

Rock golems are (hopefully) coming next update, so don’t worry about killing spiders

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yo wtf rock golems are epic you got a pic?

in the vesteria official discord

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yes dragon armor and dragon sword/claws/staff would be super epic