Idea For New Dungeon

Later when Vesteria is a more complete game, dungeons would be cool. Maybe a team of 3-6 people can go into a dungeon with lets say 10 floors. (Floors are harder based on level and amount of players). Each floor will have mobs that get progressively harder and at the final floor their is a boss that needs to be defeated. But the traditional spam click type of boss battle is boring, if you ever played Fantastic Frontier, you had to dodge obstacles and then wait for openings to attack the boss. It would be cool something similar happened here. Just an idea, it would definitely be fun for a team to group up and get a lot of cool gear from these dungeons. Forgot to mention, if the dungeons were worth the loot it would be cool too lol. For example, maybe some weapons that are rare and can only be obtained from drops, weapons that are better than the ones you buy from NPCs.

Berezaa just announced a dungeon/boss coming out soon too help level 20+ players level up easier with the new XP curve

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I know, I just think this is a good idea for it

Yay! :smiley:

I See You Are Happy.
Thing Is What Level Are You And Perhaps Class?
My Class Is Really Obvious. So Don’t Bother Asking. :stuck_out_tongue: