I wish 4 mage update happen soon plox!

I’m not like complaining as such but like, how long does it take to make some balances to how Defence and Damage works. Mage is still a dead class

And like if it’s not fixed soon more people will complain : (


also like… I’ve been farming a bit, apparently the hardest grind for warriors is after level 24 where you get around 18 exp a kill.

boi i’m level 20 and I get 18 exp a kill reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

not egnoff damage !!!

feels big bad

Zap will most likely be fixed in the upcoming update on Saturday. STR should be fixed also.

zap should be ably to be upgraded once every 5 levels and each upgrade is another enemy each bolt can connect to

like at max it would be a 3 level tree diagram

You should probably make a suggestion topic post about that.

done and done