I was thinking about a type of Scroll that has lore involved

I was thinking of a “scroll” that had its pieces tossed all over Vesteria (is Vesteria the name of the land/continent?) that contains the lore and explanations for the monsters, people, and located around the map. I think that it would be good for just people who are curious/adventurous.

The pieces should be like scattered chests, but they spawn in different locations, and only 1 person can get it before it changes locations. They would be in relatively difficult positions to find, like the mushroom hat kinda.

When you completely get all of the pieces of the scroll together, you get like a vanity item set that’s only rewarded for completing the whole scroll.

Thoughts/Opinions below. Thx.

So like a lore book?

what I mean by this is that I think this would be a better name for the ‘‘scroll with lore in it’’
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in a short explanation, yes.