I recruit members for a guild of vesteria

you feel you just want a team join us we have 5 memebrs
name of guild (white rain)
we need a mage to revive the members
for make a great team!

when open vesterai my team it will be full

to the maxium

Good luck with your guild!


yeah yee

hes just threatening you, mr krabbs hasnt used anti guild spray on anyone

hehe yeees

I have a lvl 44 Cleric alt but I main a lvl 49 Ranger. I have an uber-low-level Warrior save that I pretty much haven’t touched in forever.

okk yeah

Laughs in 7 maxed slots

I am, last I checked.

How we doin’ towards T3 btw?


So, when the game comes back, think we should focus on that? How close are we, can anyone see?
I’ve not got much else to do, I’ll go farm for Dunes weps. I already got most of what money can buy, so that’s a thing. I’m starting to run low on Elixirs… help.

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If only I had P2P Vesteria…

Get paid Vesteria once it opens, 100% worth it

Ignore the amount of edits, but in a nutshell, I can’t.

What happened here=?

does where you live not have robux cards?
i wanna say you live in vietnam but I could be wrong

Funny thing is I was at on my ranger just trying to get gold I was doing well to one gold every 10 minutes and I ended with 6 gold and then next day Vesteria is closed.

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When it comes back, that will be my focus.

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