I pray for alpha

i’m starting to experience way way too much withdrawal
please open alpha
If it doesn’t open in the next 3 hours, it’s been delayed.

i really need it, when the devs said they would release Vesteria this weekend, I thought that would at least include PA. But it was the demo, which I wasn’t exactly anticipating. I like the demo, but I’ve been waiting to play the actual game for quite a while now.

I swear I’m going insane right now

Please calm down D:

Take it easy~

Yet you’ve gotta remember I’ve been waiting more then 2 weeks for PA

Oh… just listen to some Spofity and relax? :thinking:

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last time it was delayed he got very upset. not sure why-- it’s just a game.

Maybe he really loves the game, I gotta watch out…

well what, it’s my favorite game on rblx and that was a release date and I already waited one delay

I’m sorry to hear that…

I’m also going insane lol.

Hopefully it will be released soon, but I’m sure they’re hard at work on it. :eyes:

I’m going to do that so easily.

How excited are you??


Doesn’t look that excited…