I need your help!

If you’ve been on the forums for more than a week, you probably saw one of my many QOTDs, am I right?. Well…I’m running out of ideas… :sweat_smile:

Can you help me by replying with your best questions? It can be about anything as long as it follows the forum rules.

Thanks! :smile:

Don’t worry, I have plans for better topics…hehe. :yum:

oh geez, so many good ones… let’s see.
here are some themes to choose from:
Cats vs Dogs
Ice-cream vs chocolate
summer or winter
bikes or unicycles

oh wow, this turned out to be harder then I thought ://
well, that is my part done xd, I hope I was of some help

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How about:

Which stat in Vesteria would be best to invest if you could upgrade only one of them.

What’s your favorite mob design in Vesteria?

What’s your overall favorite map design in Vesteria?

**Proceeds to google “Interesting questions”. **
Problem solved.

memes vs dead memes.

there you go!

Might be a bit tad late but I’ll think of some questions though you may have done some already.

  • What do you see in the mirror?
  • Favorite Stickers?
  • How bright is your room?
  • Where would you go if you were in space?

Good luck with QOTD. :+1:

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What do you plan to do over the winter break?
If you could get one thing for free in Vesteria, what would that item be?
If you could only use 1 word, how would you describe Vesteria?
How many of your friends play Vesteria? Who are they? Did you invite them or did they invite you, or was it neither?

You could also base your questions off of the teasers that come out.

Such as…

When you’re exploring and come across a pile of rocks, and they did this:
[Post teaser here]
What would you do?

There are so many questions you can base off of the game teasers.

Furthermore, remember, most of the people that play ROBLOX are children, so you could ask questions that are school-related, like breaks coming up.

I have a lot more, if you need them, but these are just the ones that I am willing to provide right now, I am short on time.

But what I would recommend now is:

What do you want for christmas?

Oh! Nice ideas! I’ll definitely use these questions soon! :smile:

chairs or trees

we already know what everyone will answer though! CHAIRS