I need some questions answered for warrior pls

so i have some questions for warrior. what is the best subclass? can you use 2 moko clubs? and is maul better than club with shield?
if anyone can answer just some of these questions it will help me alot. thank you guys

the highest dps subclass for warriors is berserker, and the tankiest is knight. your choice, but if you can spend money on consumables and can spend a little time away from combat, go berserker. Paladin isn’t too good right now, someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

only knights can equip a weapon and shield at the same time
only berserkers can equip two weapons at the same time

in this meta, dual weapons is better due to higher dps

maul is bad due to its attack speed being twice as slow as clubs attack
Tuaa shield blocks 50% of damage on every fourth hit suffered by you, nothing else. you cannot completely negate dmg with a shield

atom you forgot to REEEE because low effort post

so beserker is like best subclass rn

yes, it is for warriors right now

Never even use maul on knight, knight already has stun ability thingy

Guess when I figured that out?

After I became a paladin. :joy: