I need help deciding

I had finally finished the quest for getting the sun pieces. The thing is I’m a Knight and there are two options to pick from, a shield or a sword.
I don’t know their stats, so I don’t know which one is the better choice.
Currently, I have the moko shield and sword.
Also, anyone know where Mississippi Bones is?

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mississippi jones is in his palace but you can only access the palace by completing a quest

Do you need to complete the journal?

I suggest going to the testing realm to try both items out

wait, his name is mississippi jones? I thought it was mississippi bones, legit.

I think so

The shield gives out a damage reduction of 0.3 mult, idk if that’s good or not. For the sword, idk what sword I am supposed to receive

Just get the shield. You I’m pretty sure you can get a sword from the mission bones quest