I need an answer from the developers

I’m going to be blunt here.
I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful to the devs and I want them to take their time but Idon’t want false hope or too much hype so I have one simple question,

@berezaa @Polymorphic is the paid-alpha coming out today or not?

I know that mentioning you both is disrespectful of me but I think that the community deserves to know if the game is coming out today since the hype is at its peak, at least for me, and the demo isn’t helping us.

will all love Phoenix <3

If it doesn’t come out by :clock430: I’m going to lose hope

don’t lose hope, they can take ALL of the time they need.
but we need an answer because the community is a boiling pot of hype ready to explode and if they don’t communicate with us we will be WAY more angry/disappointed unlike if they did give us notice that they pushed back the launch date

I really want to ping berezaa twice

that would have no effect in the speed at which he or poly reply to this topic

I’m starting to lose my marbles honestly at this point

I agree, the devs should have been more specific on when we will actually get PA. The demo just isn’t enough for people who actually are looking forward to buy PA.