I made a little map of Vesteria 1.1.1 kinda

I made this little chart that shows each place (that I know of) and where it is connected to. it is a little messy, sorry. Let me know if this is at all helpful.

Wait. Did they make it so you can go to the Enchanted Forest from Nilgarf? I haven’t played 1.1 yet.

I think that’s a mistake, no.

I’m pretty sure you can, let me check.

Never mind you can’t, I’ll fix that soon. Sorry.

top 10 pictures taken befor—oh he posted

lol, yep.

While you’re at it you should put grotto to the left of mushroom forest

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Alright I’ll post an updated version soon!

you know someone already post a map ??

Yeah lol. Wasn’t there already a similar map made by I think @Meta and @Cube?

ye this one

this is my map

it’s missing Crabby Den

I didn’t know.

I edited to include that it’s in Ber Games discord pinned messages. Also includes goblins

I’ll be making a more updated and detailed one once the next update comes out

it’ll include chests and such