I made a drawing for queen spider

fan made drawing of the class masters fighting a queen spider hope you all like yes yes yes


I speak for the entire company when I say, we approve.

looks great :smile:


A+ u should get freee spider dagger

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Another reason to join POTM we got great artists great job again!

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this is awesome :open_mouth:

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why cant i vote for this hold up

Berezaa u should join our server we can put u in the militia! https://discord.gg/xkTqW6

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Yeah, you should.


omg i just went to take a shower and i come back seeing all these great comments wowy thanks guys


9.5/10 the spider fang dagger looks weird to me. anyways still great clap and a half, needs more chairs

berezaa said hes making his own guild! n00b!

Looks amazing!

Great drawing! I wish I could be as productive as you are!

Human Anatomy Through The Roof. :+1:

Can this drawing be put in game as an Easter Egg for 1.1.4 or 1.2.0

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love it

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Make it an easter egg and I’ll make sure Vincent doesn’t scramble your eggs

SK3LET0N is back!!!